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MOTU 896 Question

Discussion in 'Recording' started by rpfive, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. rpfive

    rpfive Active Member

    I recently purchased a MOTU 896 and a 1.5GB Powerbook/Logic Pro 6. I've done a few recording with the 8 Analoque ins and I'm really happy with the sound. Yesterday I tranfered some tracks from a Fostex D-90 via lightpipe (tracks 9-16) and I noticed that the 8 Analoque tracks could still be activated and used for recording. Making it possible to do 16 tracks if I purchase another preamp with an ADAT out. Has anyone had any luck in this configuration? Would it be too much for the MOTU to process? I pluged in one mic and recorded onto another track while the D-90 was dumping. No problems but anymore then that might get taxing on the system.
    If this works then it makes a case for me to sell some gear and pay back some of the money I burrowed for the laptop.
  2. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    the 896hd can give u 18 simultaneous inputs
    8 pres
    8 adat
    2 spdif

    and you can chain if i recall 4 to work from the same firewire port so you'll be fine with it...

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