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MOTU 896

Discussion in 'Recording' started by drumist69, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. drumist69

    drumist69 Active Member

    Hi all! I have found a used MOTU 896 at a local pawn shop. It doesn't include the manual or any software/drivers. They're asking $399 for it, but I think I can get them down to $350 or so, since I'l have to download drivers and such. My question is this. My PC does not have a firewire card. I've looked around and I know I can pick one up for next to nothing (for FW 400), or about $70 for FW 800. Is there a particular brand/model of card that would best match with the 896? Also, would using an older FW 400 with 400meg/second transfer be a problem? I'm thinking if I can get double the transfer for less than $100, why not. ANy thoughts on this? ANDY

    DGSTUDIO Guest

    I have a MOTU 828. It had some problems early on but it has been a good solid performer since new drivers and a faster PC. The 896 cannot use 800Mb firewire and there is a particular chipset to look for in the firewire card. Here are a couple of quotes from the MOTU website.

    "Also, you can use a FireWire 800-to-400 adapter to plug a MOTU FireWire interface into a computer with a FireWire 800 port. As our FireWire interfaces are FW 400 devices, there will be no performance increase by connecting them to a FW 800 bus, but there will also be no detriment to MOTU FW performance either. Using a FW 800-to-400 adapter simply provides you with more connectivity options."

    "For PCs, make sure you are using a FireWire card with a Texas Instrument (TI) or Lucent chip set"
  3. drumist69

    drumist69 Active Member

    Well, the PC is a Pentium 4 with a gig of ram...should do the job. If I get the MOTU I just need to keep in mind the TI or Lucent chipset? I'll look at the MOTU site for more details! Thanks! ANDY
  4. jahtao

    jahtao Guest

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