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Multiple Laya 3Gs

Discussion in 'Recording' started by fish, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. fish

    fish Guest

    is anyone out there using 2 layla 3gs on their pc? i bought a 3g thinking i could use adat and spdif at the same time. i used to record my audio mixdowns via the spdif of my lalya 20 bit and spdif of my yam 01v. now im stuck with recording mixdowns analog!
    i tried routing adat outs from the 01v desk to the soundcard. but your just bombarded by glitchs and drop outs whatever comination of digital settings.
    the 3 G cant run spdif and adat together.
    i have the layla 3g + layla 20bit working together, but as i want to run the 3G at 48 khz and 24 bit i get problems in sx2 using both cards.
    my question is does anyone use 2 layla 3G's at once. one in spdif and one in adat mode? i want to hear it works before i buy another 3G. please dont say i should have bought a rme multiface because i know . . lol
  2. tengu

    tengu Guest

    I am very intersted in the answer to this as well. The layla doesn't take S/mux via the adat input so it would be more viable to run 2 laylas at once so I could get more inputs at 24bit/96khz.
  3. fish

    fish Guest

    i have found that the laylas adat io only works at 44k. i get pops and crackles on the adat inputs at 48k. the problem continues whatever dio settings i use with my 01v. im still interested if 2 laylas will work ok together,

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