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Multitrack recorder and live mixer board

Discussion in 'Recording' started by bahed, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. bahed

    bahed Active Member

    I want to keep things simple - probably one of the reasons I play acoustic (guitar and mandolin). I want to be able to have a Fostex-like device that will allow me to experiment musically at home and accompany myself on one instrument, while I am playing back another previously laid down track. Simple enough. I say Fostex, because I bought one 20 years ago that died awhile back ago - so I am familiar with them.

    I also want something I can take to small venues: coffee shops and small bars and act as a mixing board for 1 - 4 inputs. I will likely only have a couple of mics plugged in: one situated at guitar or mandolin height and another up higher for vocals and fiddle for when I play with another friend. I use a smallish amp.

    Therefore, I am wanting something readily available and affordable - used is ok (read eBay). In fact, I am looking at a Fostex MR8 that allows you to download to a flashcard, but it isn't apparent from reading the online manual that it could act as a mixing board.

    Please advise and tell me what I should be looking for so that I am getting both utilities.

    Thanks immensely.


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