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My drum mics

Discussion in 'Drums' started by MisterChicken, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. MisterChicken

    MisterChicken Active Member

    I finally can record stereo drums but need some advice on which specific mic to put where. I have anSM58, a Sennheiser e835, an MXL 990, and an MXL 991 condenser. I have an ATM 25 on the kick, so that's taken care of. Just trying to figure out which mics should be left and right, which one I should put on my rack toms, and if I should put one directly overhead or on the snare. Please help! (I accidentally posted this in the pro audio section, how do I delete that post?)
  2. MNProductions

    MNProductions Active Member

    I dont know how many toms you are using so I'll assume 3
    SM58 on the snare, you may get some bleed from the hihat
    E835 between the Hi and Mid tom (to taste, play around with the tom placement)
    For a generalized, overhead use the 990 but if your picking up too much snare (likely), use the 991 because its more directional point it away from the source thats overpowering. If you have the 990 over the drummers head, you may get a nice mix of the cymbals, then you can use the 991 for a hi hat mic if you want.

    As far as left and right, thats a taste thing (I use Cubase). Assuming I had a kit with hihat, 2 crashes, a ride, 3 toms, snare and kick.
    Kick and snare centered.
    Crash 1 - 30 left
    Crash 2 - 30 right
    Ride - 45 to 60 right
    Hihat (if I miked seperate) - 24 to 60 left
    tom 1 - 45 left
    Tom 2 - center
    Tom 3 - 45 right

    Thats my starting point but I tweak a lot while working on drums, I also do it from the point of the drummer
  3. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    The stereo imaging will only be happening at the mix unless you are only recording to two tracks with your kit. Then follow the previous instructions. If you are recording each mic as a separate track then it will be mono no matter what until the mix.

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