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my first interface (tascam_ fw_1804)

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by SeniorFedup, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    Greetings again..
    Well.. my Tascam fw 1804 has just arrived. this is my first interface. are theyre any other 1804 users out there??

    care to leave me some feedback on how this puppy runs? what do you guys use it for.. any defects???

    I hope it is better from what I heard before from other people(broken signal when recording after a period of time).. once i get my firewire installed on my comp I will hopefully... through your reviews,have a better understanding of this rack interface.
  2. Squelch

    Squelch Guest

    I have used that interface with Cubase SX and I think that it sounds horrible. Very distorted and unclear I thought.
  3. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    Thats not good... what did you trade it in for

    i know there are other people who have or had 1 of these

    thanc you
  4. I-Quality

    I-Quality Guest

    well i don't have the 1804 but the 1884 and I haven't had a single problem, I think it runs just smooth, and I use it to record =P. For the sound I can't really comment as i never really used anything else but I believe you can do some nice things with it and I haven't heard distortion..maybe my hearing sucks though heh...for it being unclear hmm I'd know if I had a great room to record and great mics...

    you should tour http://www.tascamforums.com to chat with the Fw18'ers

    I think you made the right choice though taking the 1804 and not the 1082 as you can further expand it with the adat inputs (it's what i'm planning as i will get money....hmmm it's goig to be a while before that i guess :( --> converters 2000$ +preamps 2000$)
    happy recording
  5. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    More importantly, is it ok to publically insult squelch's personal website? :shock:
  6. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Well, it is kind of a scary place to put one's resume.... :?
  7. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    He doesnt even have a way to contact him on his page..no email no number. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a website to promote oneself or business? :shock:

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