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My First Lg Diaphram Mic

Discussion in 'Recording' started by cooknkpl, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. cooknkpl

    cooknkpl Guest

    Time to move up to "Big Boy Toys". Based on hours of research, I THINK I have my choices for a good quality/value vocal mic narrowed down to 2.

    Rode NTK or Studio Projects C3 (has addtional features over the C1)

    I have found pricing within $50 between the 2. I'm trying to stay under $500. Any thoughts?...kpl

    p.s., I see interesting discussion on Mic-Pre's. Are these really necessary? Anything in my lower budget price range?

    Current setup: Mackie 24/4, into Layla 24/96, into Cool Edit Pro/Sonar.
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I recommend the Audio Technica ATM 4033. $300 street price. with shock mount.
    It's very versatile. IMO one of the best all around, use for anything type of mic. I honestly can't think of a time one has failed to yield a decent sound on whatever I use it on. The C3 is a multi pattern mic, which is a nice feature at that price point but unless you have the acoustics, omni and figure of 8 are useless. 4033 is a studio standard (like SM57's and 421's and will always be in use in good studios. Not a flavor of the month type of mic...Fats

    " The absence of frequencies above 20 kHz result in subliminal frustration and restlessness." Rupert Neve
  3. cooknkpl

    cooknkpl Guest

    I'm so glad there is a rookie forum on this site, so I don't have to embarras myself too bad...

    Plz expand more on the comment, "unless you have the acoustics, omni and figure of 8 are useless"...

    I have a very "dead" room due to heavy soundproofing. Also, I read some good things about the effect of recording acoutic guitar using the fig. 8 pattern & I do have occasion to record acc. (now I just have to figure out what the heck a figure 8 pattern means sonically)...thx, kpl
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    What I meant was the room you track in has to sound good to take advantage of omni and figure of 8. Good acoustics. Dead is ok (actually it's better to be starting at dead than live) but you should apply some diffusion and reflection in the room also. Minimum dimensions of the room should be 14 feet in all directions and hopefully there won't be any 2 dimensions that are the same. In a room like that, omni and figure of 8 patterns are useful. Anything less in the room and you should use cardioid pattern(s). The 4033 is a mid size diaphragm taking advantage of both large and small diaphram characteristics. A little more directional but with better low end. There are a few instances where I would use figure of 8 in a close mic set ups (trade secrets) but figure of 8 is usually a distance mic technique.... Fats

    " The absence of frequencies above 20 kHz result in subliminal frustration and restlessness." Rupert Neve
  5. dpaton

    dpaton Active Member

    Actually, since the 4033 has been replaced by the 4040 (at the same price point) I'd recommend that one. it's a true condenser (not an electret condenser like the '33) and has a better shock mount.

    If you need somethign cheaper, the 4033s can be had at fire sale prices these days.

  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    The 4040 is a bit darker in its overall tone and I don't find it to be as versatile a mic. Get the 4033 at a cheaper price...Fats

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