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My first pre ?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Sidhu, May 14, 2008.

  1. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member


    A friend vsiting Canada, and a good opportunity to get a good pre. All i used so far has been entry level.

    I am much confused about the direction to take. Clean or colored, Solid State or tube. But i have a feeling a tube would be well for me. I think ill stretch my budget to around USD1000-1200, give or take. And am heavily inclined towards the Sebatron VMP's. I read they can go from very clean to heavy color. I would like at least two channels, but if one channel in that money can really make the investment worth it, so be it.

    I would like the pre to be versatile, and work well on Acoustic guitars (important), Driven cabinets, Bass DI, Vocals (v. important) and if also rock drums (Kik and snare primarily. Was also looking at a luchbox with 2 channels of 512's, but cant afford it yet, unless i get a luchbox free )

    Have been reading and consider :

    Sebatron VMP
    Summit Audio TBA-221
    GT Brick

    Kindly advice. My impression is that shipping from the US to Canada is a no-problem affair ?

    Thanks a super ton!

    Also, are there any ribbons in a USD200-300 range that are nice ?
  2. Groff

    Groff Active Member

    Between those I would pick up the Sebatron, even more if you look at 2000 model.

    API lunchbox is also good idea, it's around 500$ and single channel pres are 700-750$ each. I have 2x512 and they are great. There are also more options to fill the box, not just the API.

    Good ribbon on the budget: http://www.cascademicrophones.com/cascade_FAT_HEAD_II.html
  3. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    I am looking at the 2000. Thank yo for your time...

    The API is next year. outta budget. And hopefully the 10 module rack!

  4. Weasel9992

    Weasel9992 Guest

    Hmmm...my Great River ME-1NV is pretty flexible. I can get anything from heavy color by driving the input stage hard to very clean by driving the output stage. It's right in your price range too.

  5. TheFraz

    TheFraz Active Member

    The Summit Audio 2BA 221 is a great, high quality single channel pre. At a great price.
    It has a wonderful transparent sound, but also comes with a bypassable tube, allowing you to add as much color as you wish.

    If your friend is going to Toronto, I know a store that has one in stock.

    It may be my only pre, but it has not really given me to much in the way of motivation to get another pre.

    I am still finding out new aspects to her every time I record something new.
  6. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    Hey thanks a ton for still keeping this on!

    The Great river i looked at initially, but i really an tending towards two channels of pres... I figure that can take care of a majority of what i do... And eventually id like to move up the ladder to more expensive pres.

    Now my question is, is the Great River that much better than the sebatrons ? And more importantly, since i come from a 'never used a ecent pre before' situaton, will i make good use of it. Under such circumstances, are the sebatrons wise ?

    The Summit audio looks very interesting, and i can prolly afford two of them... :D

    So again,,, between the summit and sebs... i so wish i could hear them.. even if to say they sound the same.... hehehe....

  7. TheFraz

    TheFraz Active Member

    Just go with one or the other.
    If it is your first pre, so long as it is flexible, it will treat you right.

    Then you will have a better understanding of what you want out of your next pre.
  8. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    Also Frazz, if you could do me a big favor and ask the Toronto store if they have two in stock, and also if they can arrange for the rack mounting kit ?

    Thanks a super ton!

    Are we looking at Long &Mcquade ?

  9. TheFraz

    TheFraz Active Member

    Steves Music actually.
    They have a real nice recording department.
    I am currently in the process of trying to get heired there (no I am not doing sales for them them online, I just figured Toronto is a major city to visit, and I saw it there, so a heads up about it was just me being nice).

    Tonight I am going to a industry get together at a cafe, and it is hosted by Steves, so I will for sure ask about the mounting system (something I have been meaning to look into my self) and if they have a second one in stock.

    I could also look into L&M for you. See what they have. When is your friend coming to Toronto?
    There are a few other stores in the city that may sell them. I will keep you posted If I see them around any where else.
  10. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    Hey Fraz! Thanks a super ton for being this helpful buddy! I dint think of it as an online sale, but if this discussion is not appropriate for this forum, please mail me nitinsidhu at gmail.com. My friend visits toronto starting the 1st of june, for a week-10 days....

    thanks again!

  11. TheFraz

    TheFraz Active Member

    In that case, I will do some scouting around (I am currently dropping of resumes at most of theses places, so it is really no skin off my back to ask around).

    Feel free to email me at kevinfrasermusic@gmail.com.

    I hope every thing works out for you.
  12. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member


    After much debating and trying to locate a store in
    toronto with a good collection, i have just had myself a Summit purchased! I am Kicked!

    Im a bit flustered that ill be on tour when the darn thing arrives in India!

    Thanks to all! You ppl. motivate me!


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