Need advice on best USB-Midi patchbay

Discussion in 'Patchbays' started by Audiofreek, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Audiofreek

    Audiofreek Active Member

    I've got Pro Tools HD Native with an Omni and a HD i/0,running on a Mac Pro 4.1 with OSX 10.8,and I need something USB that will communicate, and be recognized by a Mac so that I can use some of my older MIDI gear.I've got a Roland PCR-800 with USB,but no matter what I try,the Mac doesn't recognize it.It does not show up in my USB profile.

    Thanks Rick
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Not sure exactly what you are doing here because I'm not familiar with your specific gear but my MIDI experience and using Apple for my main OS goes way back. However, I dumped Apple completely 5 years ago and love Windows 7 as it seems to do this kind of thing better.

    When I updated my studio I tried to bring along older methods and gear, my Mac didn't work well. USB and Midi might work together or might not and this is the case even with my current system. So, I use an old midi router (Mark Of The Unicorn MTP AV) to connect all my "Midi" gear the old way and sync everything using MTC, it works perfect.
    Midi through USB is like a toy to me compared to the old way I'm accustomed to but USB is getting better leaps and bounds. For instance, the new USB midi code will transfer Systems Exclusive data super fast compared to dog speed midi cable but older gear still need the hardware routers to work well.

    Check out Mark Of The Unicorn, they make some of the best stuff. I've been thinking of buying the USB version of what I have so I can use USB to route ITB instead of manually. That's about all it would do better (I think).

    Sorry, not much help Rick, but maybe it sheds something for you.
  3. Audiofreek

    Audiofreek Active Member

    I was looking at the MOTU MTP AV USB,it looks like the best of the bunch.
    I did finally get the right driver for the PCR-800,and I'm able to use the midi out to send Midi beat clock to my Alesis SR16 that I use to get grooves for laying scratch tracks.I am really used to sequencing beats on that old thing.I've tried BFD and Strike, they sound great,strike is nearly indistinguishable from a live drummer, but they're just a little too cumbersome for me to build beats on quickly.
    I've got the MOTU Digital Time Piece for syncing my DAW to tape, or just about anything. I haven't tried it on 11HD, the accessory port on the Native card ,or the remote port on the Omni won't communicate with it,but there is always MTC and Word.
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Exactly how I feel.

    For a lot of commercial music a simple kit is all you need so there are more than a few reasons why our old technology works so well. I love the old days... cry... This is what I'm going to buy when I replace my midi time piece. I don't need the AV stuff anymore. And I never use SMPTE or chase like the old days.

    Check this out, maybe its perfect. - MIDI Express XT Overview

    I bought the Akai Renaissance a few months back for laying down beats.

    We should hang out one day. Check each others studios out too or just shop talk :). I'll call you after the summer.
    I'm heading to the lake to build the start of my new mixing room tomorrow! I'm so excited.
  5. Audiofreek

    Audiofreek Active Member

    Yeah,I was looking at the Express XT as well,a few less bells and whistles,but plenty of i/o for what I need.I was actually eyeballing Renaissance today at L&M, after reading an review about it in S.O.S. mag.If your going to use VI drums and samples, it seems like the most tactile way of creating beats, rather that me trying to tap them out on a small piano keyboard, and constantly hitting the wrong keys.
    I'm torn between the studio, work, and the lake/river these days as well. Every one wants the same dates ,so I'm tryng to juggle them and string them out accross the month.I've got a party I'm supposed at Fraser Lake on the 20th.I don't know if it's gonna work very well, sometimes I wish I had a helicopter.
    Good luck with the build, can't wait to see it! Take lots of photos so we can see your progress.
  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Thanks but its not going to be anything most here would find interesting I think. Nothing more than a room with a really nice view but its all I need for mixing. But, if I get busy enough this next year, adding the tracking room will be fun! The beginning to the next chapter of life.

    Wouldn't a chopper do it!

    There are some very talented female artists in Fraser Lake. I worked with a few in the late 90's to about 2001. Without mentioning full names, maybe we know the same circle there. Don R managed them. I also worked with Marcel G , co wrote and produced a 5 track album. Ending up in Toronto that year playing the Sky Dome at the Aboriginal Music Awards. Its was pretty cool but all went to crap from too many cooks. They like playing the fair in FL, I think the Pizza Restaurant on the highway is a really fun spot too. Cool owner. Same crowd maybe? They also play in FF and Vanderhoof.

    Have a good one. I'd love to hear what you are doing, even if its just scratch tracks.

    That Ren in L&M would be a good one for you. They ordered two, I bought one of them. I love it. It does everything you want and more. You start a session, if you need drums, you open a MPC plug-in and it turns on the MPC. Sync tight to your session and you start hitting the pads. If you want to track the actual audio opposed to Midi, the same track can become audio that streams right off the VSTi of the MPC. Hard to explain until you see it in action but its brilliant and tight!

    I've been using MPC's since 1982 and this is the best thing since the old days. It works with our DAW's. But I still need a midi router for my external keyboards and Midi devices.
  7. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Just curious. Aren't you guys neighbors? Doesn't the HD rig have midi i/o.
  8. Audiofreek

    Audiofreek Active Member

    We,re about 5 miles apart.No Midi i/out on any HD hardware.
  9. Audiofreek

    Audiofreek Active Member

    I actually assumed the Omni had it, just because it's kind of their "all in onebox" solution, but nope.
  10. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I thought it did have Midi. That's kind of a joke.
  11. Audiofreek

    Audiofreek Active Member

    It's got an internal router function,a heahphone out,monitor out,2 mic pres.I guess they figured no one uses 5 PIN MIDI anymore, and that USB MIDI is the future.That may be the case with new gear, but we are not going to just toss out our gear.

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