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Need Advice

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by sunny26, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. sunny26

    sunny26 Guest

    Hello Everyone, I did music recordings in mid 80's with moderate success. Now 20 some years later I have an offer from a company in the UK interested republishing one of my song on a compilation project. I have received a contract, but would like to receive feedback on red flags to look for or get advice on a counter offer. All help is appreciated.

    Regards, Al W
  2. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member


    Welcome to RO!!

    Not to take you away from this site, or this thread, but if you don't get much response here, try joining and posting over at The Womb Forums... Bob Olhsson hosts a forum called Music Industry 2.0 over there. It's pretty active and you should get some industry vets that will comment.

    I would watch out for any clauses that don't specify the auditing to be done at least every 6 months.

    The other thing that I would be leary of is anything vague in regards to your song's IP, and future usage in terms of reuse/re-distribution on other compilations.

    The other moderator in Bob's forum is Deborah Neville. She's a pretty damn sharp IP attorney. You may want to contact her directly to review the contract. Her husband is a good friend of mine and a fellow muso/songwriter, so she has a real insight into what to watch out for.

    Hope this helps you out a bit... and you'll stick around!

    Seeing as you're an industry vet, I'm sure there's a LOT you can offer folks here!

    Again, WELCOME!
  3. Hey, great to hear you're having more success 20 years later!

    I graduated from Musician Institute and got a degree in Music Business which included coursework on contracts and publishing. I also write and negotiate them for the bands I manage, so I would be happy to read over the contract and let you know what I think.

    You can send it to me at Contact@MarketingMyMusic.com and I will look it over ASAP.
  4. Sabrinna

    Sabrinna Guest

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