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Need help with digital audio...

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Ron Jewell, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. Ron Jewell

    Ron Jewell Guest

    I am new to digital audio. I use CakeWalk Pro Audio and am trying to integrate a Yamaha TG100 tone generator. In my Windows-based computer I have a SoundBlaster AWE-64 sound card/DI adapter. When I hook up the gear so that I can record and monitor digital audio in, the tone generator that I hear is *not* the TG100, but rather, I suspect, the cheesy synth that is on-board the SoundBlaster card. I need advice from a Ddigital audio/CakeWalk point of view. Any takers? Thanks in advance.
  2. clausiii

    clausiii Guest

    Go to Start/Settings/System settings(? similar)/Multimedia/MIDI and set your TG100 to your prefered MIDI device. If this doesn´t help, try to do the same in your audio application.

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