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Need help with good Bass guitar tone quality

Discussion in 'Recording Studio Instruments' started by beatlesfan234, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. When I play both of my basses (Hofner Icon B Violin Bass & Greg Bennett Bass) it sounds like there is more treble when all of the treble knobs on the basses and amps are off, I also have flat wounds of both of them which made the tone better, but it still sounds off. How do I make the tone quality sound like good?
  2. BobRogers


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    Blacksburg, VA
    What kind of amp are you using? How does it sound in the room? What kind of mic? How are you micing it? What kind of interface do you have? Do you have a DI?
  3. GZsound


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    Near Portland, Oregon
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    I record electric bass direct. I use an LR Baggs Para DI and a dbx or RNC compressor. Never a problem with tone.
  4. jkleban


    Best way to record bass (IMO) is through a tube amp (Ampeg preferred) and a DI track... mix both together in the song and you get the high end of the amp and you can really get some bottom end out of the DI.

  5. Tom Fodor

    Tom Fodor

    Musician and Student
    Queensland Australia
    Firstly you need to make sure your room is well balanced. Then take one Genz Benz head, run it through a Markbass 8 x 4 ported compact cab raised about 40cm off the ground. place 1 MD421 about 15cm from the lower rigth speaker at a 22' angle and a Beyer Mt88 about the same distance from the upper left speaker straight on. Run a DI through one Sebatron vmp4000 channel into a symetrix 525 or aphex 320 compressor. For a more vintage tone use a tube compressor. set at 3:1...................How long is a piece of string? The answer is practice, listen and learn from your mistakes. Get a grip on what your room sounds like and never be satisfied with just one method. Sorry but it is a question that cannot be answered by anyone but you because we do not hear things exactly the way you do. We can't hear your gear, and we don't know your set up or your tastes.

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