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Need help with major recording equipment change

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by boxcar, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Hi everyone,

    Haven't posted for awhile cause i have a painting business and this summer was especially busy and hard(exteriors lol) and been to tired to even think about gear.

    but now its starting to even out and am looking forwards to my 2/3 month winter recording break again.Hee hee.

    I currently own a zed r 16 and all the other gear listed in my profile but there's gonna be some major changes.I will no longer be recording real drums here or need a 16 channel board for jamming or outboard gear.I serched a lot but never had this kind of setup before and it's confusing when it comes to matching and hooking up individual pres/converters...XLR? AES-EBU? SPIDIF? ADAT? Wich high end converter? ect.Do you need two? One with 4 AD's if your using 4 ext.pre-amps and one with 2 DA's for playback?

    What i need to get is:
    1-Exellent conversion AD/DA
    2-4 pre's on the interface or better yet,4 hi quality external pre's.
    3- midi in/out(optional) and digital in/out(a must)Adat would be nice.

    I like firewire,it's always worked fine getting things into the computer for me and would only be recording 2 to 4 channels at a time

    Basically i want 4 high quality pre's to go as directly to nuendo as possible.
    I"d like to keep it between $3000 and $5000 for converters and pre's( i can start with 2 pre's).

    Thanks for any help and there will be great deals on a zed R-16(made in england) and other analog gear in the classified here soon.
    I'll post them here again like last time before i turn to evil bay and it's sidekick evil pal.lol
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    For around $2000 (US) you can get an RME FireFace UFX FireWire audio interface. This has 4 mic pre-amps and 8 additional line inputs into which you can plug the outputs of 8 analog-output pre-amps using TRS jack cables. In addition, the UFX has 2 ADAT inputs (16 channels at 44.1/48KHz, 8 channels at 88.2/96KHz) and a 2-channel S/PDIF input, as well as MIDI I/O. The ADAT digital inputs can be used with lightpipes for connecting the outputs of multi-channel pre-amps that have built-in converters. There are 12 channels of analog outputs you can use for studio monitoring and individual performer headphone drives.

    After the UFX, your budget would give you $1K - $3K to spend on pre-amps. If you like the sound of this route, come back to us for multi-channel pre-amp suggestions. Choose wisely, and you will end up with a really nice sounding rig.

    I'm sure there are Canada- or maybe US-based R.O. members who would relieve you of your Zed-R16 for a mutually agreeable sum. It's a great-sounding mixer with digital interface.
  3. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    For right at 2K you can get the Focusrite ISA428 with the converter card. The pres are terrific and the conversion on a par with anything in the business. The card allows for another 4 channels of preamps to be patched giving you eight channels with high level of conversion. The RME is also a very nice unit.
  4. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Thanks guys,that's the direction im heading in.I love the R-16 but one of the guys in our little band has a space and a PA now so we won't be jamming here anymore.
    I'll be selling the yorville U15P's as well and just record my stuff here.Live drums will be recorded there but mostly i'll be using a software drum program.So now i have to much of everything.

    *Davedog, do you think the focusrite is on par with lavry or mytec or appogee conversion.Are the pre's something on par with what you would find in a pro studio,not that im saying im that good or deserving of that.haha

    *Boswell i don't need different pre flavors so yeah,a unit with say 4 killer pre's that you would find in a pro studio maybe would be just the ticket if there is such a box for the money i'd have left,of course, i could always shell out a bit more.

    What about a converter box with no pre's and one of those muti channel pre amp boxes or 2 two channel pre's.
    You see,i still don't fully understand how those lavry or mytek boxes work.I assume they have balanced 1/4" in and some form digital in for the external pre-amps or not?

    Im gonna google those two sugestions.Thanks again.
  5. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    I got the RME Fireface UFX this year and I'm very pleased. The quality of the internal preamps is very impressive. The converter quality and feature set are the best I've seen in this price range. There are a lot of features/options for routing the input and output signals, and so the learning curve on the total mix software is significant, but not that bad.

    My one complaint is that by choosing a one space chassis they have mashed both the front and rear panel real estate on the machine. I realize they have a big mobile market to consider, but things are cramped and the one-inch screen on the front panel is basically unusable to me. (Once you figure out what is going on, the TotalMix software is very good and well laid out.)

    It's a very good option for you.
  6. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Probably a silly question but I looked at the info in the link.I don't see any connection for the computer in the picture of the back of the unit.
    How does this hook up to your computer.I guess you have to get the optional 8 channel card and it connects how?
    I like this one but my computers are in another room.Wonder how long a cable you can get.I'd need at least 6'
  7. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Sorry, double post.
  8. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    I got the RME Fireface UFX this year and I'm very pleased.

    Hi Bob,this was supposed to be reply with quote but..lol

    are the pre's on the RME or the whole unit on the warm side in your opinion.
    I know on my R-16 the pre's seem warm,a bit colored to me as compared to my onyx 1200f wich sounds more bright and sterile but maybe its the conversion on the mackie that makes them sound that way,im not sure.
    I like the warm effect more.
  9. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Prism Orpheus ( http://www.prismsound.com/music_recording/products_subs/orpheus/orpheus_home.php ) may be another option. Its what I want for my mobile rig.

    Lavry is stellar and expensive. Heads above most others currently mentioned here, with exception to Prism. The Blues can be made with a variety of AD DA or pres config. The Blacks are stereo AD DA or Pre's. I love mine big time. Unless you are planning to spend $10,000 for what I think you need, forget it. Their pre's are clean and silky. Not coloured, although they have a tube like simulator.

    You need an interface to connect Lavry Blacks AD to your computer. The DA are USB and work great. An interface will cost anywhere from $200 to $1400 for 2 to 16 IO. The Blues need a good interface.

    Converters are IMHO, the most important part of the chain. Without quality ADDA conversion, everything else is only as good as them. You don't know the difference until you use them for a while and see how it all sits in the mix.

    If you are thinking somewhere around $2000 for 8 IO USB or Firewire with pres, I think we all agree to go with RME. If you want stellar 8 IO with much better pre's than the RME, Orpheus is what I would do.
  10. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    That is indeed a contender.$4500 and i wouldn't need external pre's.Those would surely be good enough for me.
    Wish i could rent one from kelona to see what it sounds like.haha

    So the lavry blue 2 a/d 2d/a 2 pre's at $3495 still needs an interface right?
  11. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    yes, you would need an interface for the Lavry's.
  12. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Yes. The interface card has all the connections you could ever need. Its an extra 800 bucks. Do NOT let the price of this box fool you into thinking its not pro quality. It is in every way.The pres can be somewhat aggressive but mostly they are true to the source with a huge soundscape. The variable impedance and the active high pass filter enables you to tailor every mic input where you want it. It has a tone of gain and very very low self noise. The converters are as I said, right up there. I dont think they will compete with 10K converters nor are they trying, but next to all prosumer level converters you'll find these have crossed the line.
  13. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member


    Thanks for that.
    Im going to get the prism.It seems perfect for me, 4 pre's is all i need now and it has 18 channel capability if needed down the road.
    Plus i've always heard good things about prism coverters.
  14. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Yeah,i liked the focusrite.That's the one i was looking at till audiokid suggested the prism and it seems just the right fit so im going to get the orpheus.
  15. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Well i got one comming from the UK.
    Its a store demo with full warranty from studio exchange for $3750 canadian shipped.
    Im pretty sure that's a good deal. Any thoughts?
  16. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    You cant go wrong with that unit.
  17. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Wow, I am so envious.

    I think you could do better for pricing though. Duties and brokerage fees are the big one that they don't tell you about, or are sincerely unaware of. Trust me on that. I've received thousands of dollars in those fee's over the last ten years. You get nailed at the door. My guess is you may be hit with an approx $300 to $400 fee for that one.

    The price on the website is not what you should pay :)

    Call these guys and tell them what you are paying for it in the UK. If they say its a demo, that tells me a new one will be sold for that too, right here in Canada!
    http://www.economik.com Prism Sound Orpheus | Studio Economik, Canada

    boxcar, did you get my PM?
  18. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Yeah, i just read it now.(the PM) and replied.
    I haven't paid for it yet so im going to hang off for a bit and see what you come up with.
    I wasn't aware of these charges from overseas although i had expected to get nailed for 12% hst at the post office.
  19. Frank Oglethorpe

    Frank Oglethorpe Active Member

    Hi Boxcar,

    Please check your PM.

    Frank Oglethorpe
  20. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Hi everyone,
    Just updating,i finally made a decision,lol and ordered an RME UFX.That looks like the feature set that i need and after reading about it till i was blue in the face,and thanks for all the advise by the way,i pulled the trigger.Will also be getting an API stereo pre.
    Can't wait to record to the front USB imput.
    The orpheus is to expensive for me right now.

    *The R-16 is in the classified.

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