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need help with my mic settings

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Lumin, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Lumin

    Lumin Active Member

    I am using an SP C1, into a VTB-1, into my Q10
    When recording my vocals, i seem to peak very easily
    I have tried to correct this by turning the gain down on both the pre and the q10
    when i do this, my level becomes too low to hear through the headphones. turning my headphones up just brings my track up extremely loud
    Turning my track down will allow me to hear, but when i try to bring everything back up, my vocals are too low in the mix. bring them up only peaks them
    I am somewhat of a newjack to this
    i do try to get everything as hot as possible going in.... just cant seem to get the vocals right

    are there any suggestions anyone might have?
    much respect


    by the way the music i do is hip hop
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    2 questions. Are you going out of the VT1 into the Q10 via the XLR connectors?
    Have you tried plugging the mic directly into the Q10? Kurt
  3. Lumin

    Lumin Active Member

    yes i am going out out the pre into the q10 via XLR. i tried the insert in the back of the q10 with no avail. i do not know if i hooked it up right.

    i have tried plugging directly into q10 but it is a very sterile sound... i like the vtb's warmth
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    The Q10 has Nuetrik combo connectors on the front panel. The XLR part is for microphones to plug into. In the center is a 1/4" jack for line level signals. This is what you should be using from the VT 1 output. I think this is the problem. Essentially you are preamplifing the mic signal twice! Kurt
  5. Lumin

    Lumin Active Member

    i know better than that :(

    wouldnt i receive a very loud signal then?
    my vocals still arent loud enough in my track though

    thanks kurt
    i appreciate your help
    i will have to go get an xlr to 1/4 tomorrow

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