need new cd burner help!!

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by jhagertybhs, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. jhagertybhs

    jhagertybhs Guest

    Hey all. I need a good cd burner. I know plextor has the best rep and the PlexWriter Premium has been a drive of choice (mainly because of the accompanied software) but since these are on longer being manufactured what is the drive of choice these days? Thanks.
  2. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Well-Known Member

    They are still available. Just picked up a Plextor Premium at my local computer store (MicroCenter) They had a about 6 in the store where I was. You just have to do some searching.
  3. Pre Amp

    Pre Amp Guest

    I like the drive in my MasterLink.
  4. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    That drive seems to change every six months...

    If they'd put Plextors in 'em on the other hand...
  5. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    John, this industry changes so much in such a little time. How are the newer Plextor drives? My last ones are the 700 series..but the newer 230a's and those types.are they still recognized as being at the level of the older ones? I have places for 2 more..and the 230A...well no real track record..and the prices are right. I guess folks are going with the 755's that right?
  6. TrilliumSound

    TrilliumSound Active Member

    No PC connectivity either
  7. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    The new plextors are every bit as good as the old ones. They're amazing drives. Oh, and you can even get the premium ones at best buy!!

    I recently spoke a lot with Plextor and their PR firm over a topic discussed here where someone stated that Plextor wasn't even making their own drives anymore. Short version - they are still making their own drives and coding their own drivers.

    In general, I find them to be the best out there. I've been using their premium external drive (the 716 or 726 or something like that - I forgot the model #, but it's the one that comes with PlexWrite Premium software and testing tools, etc.) and I couldn't be happier. If I ever burn a coaster, it's always been my fault, not the drives. Using Taiyo Yudens, I've never output a disc with a single C2 error and all the discs have always had an average of <1 C1 error / second.

    I can't say enough positive about plextor!

  8. dpd

    dpd Active Member

    PX-716A in either IDE or SATA. Cheap at
  9. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    That sounds like the right model #, but mine's external FW and USB 2.0 (not bus powered though - what a shame!)

  10. axel

    axel Guest

    Cucco wrote:
    thanks for clearing that out!! it was me who stated that rumor i've heard, but was not shure myself if it is true or not! thanks again.

    and i second the 716 if you can grab a deal on it, jump and buy!!
    otherwise one of the new models.

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