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Need SFX? Black November Special Sale: 3FOR2 until 30th NOV.

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by BOOM Library, Nov 25, 2015.

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    Hi Folks,

    we have just started our one and only sale of the year: Buy 2 SFX libraries, get one for free.

    Time to fill up the empty shelves in your studio with some heavily discounted high-quality Boom Library sound effects.

    It's that simple:

    • Visit our store on www.boomlibrary.com
    • Dig through our extensive SFX catalog
    • Put three or more SFX products in your shopping cart
    • At checkout, enter the discount code 3FOR2
    • The product with the lowest price will be FREE
    If you choose 6 items, the two with the lowest price are free

    If you choose 9 items, the three with the lowest price are free

    ...and so on...you know the math :)

    Happy shopping and enjoy the sounds. Thanks for your time.

    Boom Library


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