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need some help!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ty-stackz, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. ty-stackz

    ty-stackz Guest

    Alright i dont know if im in the right section ive only been on this site once before but anyways..i need some help with my recording im havin problems..when i record its making my vocals sound almost like a cd skipping and i cant figure out how to fix it ..i use Acoustica mixcraft and dont really feel like changing software..let me know if you have any ideas of how i can fix this..my settings for recording are..
    Sample rate: 44100
    Bit Depth: 16 bits
    Channel: Stereo
    Number of buffers: 3
    Buffer size: 2048
    If you can help me out its appreciated ya digg!?..Holla at me
  2. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    This should be posted here: http://www.recording.org/forum-29.html

    Are you recording to your system drive?

    Have you followed the manufacturer's tips?

    Click for help files
  3. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    2048 is huge for buffer size! Have you tried dropping that to 512? Sometimes you can get away with 256 if you have a decent system and audio interface. At worst you should be set at 1024. Too large a buffer is almost as bad as too little and can cause as many problems.
  4. TheBear

    TheBear Guest

    ya....that buffer size is way too big. i like to follow the rule that its best to track in a lower buffer size and mix in a larger buffer size.
  5. ty-stackz

    ty-stackz Guest

    2048 is the smallest size it will let me have
  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    What sound card/interface are you using?
  7. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Ok. I downloaded the demo. It looks like you are using a WDM driver which leads me to believe you are using your standard soundcard or a Soundblaster. That being the case, download asio4all and install it. Once you have that set up, open Mixcraft and go to File/preferences. Change the option from wave to ASIO, then go to the drop down menu and select ASIO4ALL. In the asio4all menu you should be able to resize the buffer. That should both bring your latency down considerably as well as eliminate the "skipping" problem. You may have to play with the settings a bit to get it right.
  8. ty-stackz

    ty-stackz Guest

    aight i downloaded asio4all and im still havin poblems..ive been messin around with it some times it gets better some times it gets worse and some times i have to close everything and reopen them because it says the device is unavalible..any settings you recomend? the device is "Realtek AC'97 audio for VIA(R)Audiocontroller"
  9. Jbrax

    Jbrax Guest

    well there it is.. I really think you need a different
    sound card or audio interface.. those ac97's wont get it....
  10. ty-stackz

    ty-stackz Guest

    and how much would a new sound card or audio interface cost ?? i dont know much about all this stuff..im just an artist that spent money on a mic and a mixer so i can record when ever i wanted to and not have to go pay more than 60 dollars an hour everytime i wanna record a new song haha ..anyone know of any programs simular to acoustica mixcraft that i can download or anything?..i like recording in it because thats what ive used since ive started recordin ya digg..ive tryed other programs and it records my vocals fine its just this program thats givinme problems but i dont really want to use anything else..
  11. Jbrax

    Jbrax Guest

    you can get a M-audio 2496 card for about 80 bucks

    that should work just fine

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