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Need to transfer from 1" to digital....

Discussion in 'Recording' started by DrD2005, May 21, 2006.

  1. DrD2005

    DrD2005 Active Member

    Looking for a studio with 1" recording gear so I can transfer my tracks on 1" tapes to digital tracks. I want to remix and just have them more accessible, etc...
    I went to the studios I recorded them at and they all went digital and the reel to reels are broken or sold.
    I'm located in Central NJ, and would prefer something in the tri-state area.
    I have about 6 tapes that I want transferred.
    Any help or contact info for a place would be great.
  2. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    You don't say 1" what? 16 track? Might be helpful..?

  3. DrD2005

    DrD2005 Active Member

    Yes 16 track...

    Yes, youre right... Sorry about that... 16 track 1".
  4. JoeH

    JoeH Well-Known Member

    DrD: the ONLY place you should deal with is Sonicraft, (http://www.sonicraft.com) in Freehold, NJ. (up on Rt9 right near Asbury Park & the home of Bruuuuuce.)

    I cannot recommend Steve and his company any higher. He recently transferred four (4) 1" inch reels of 16 track Ampex 456 for me for a client. (rescued from the wrath of Katrina, as well). He's got an amazing setup, he and his staff are totally involved with the transfers and will give your stuff the TLC it deserves. They'll put it on DVD-roms or a hard drive, and you'll be all set to go; much much better than if you attempted it yourself. They've got a killer baking system as well, for older "Sticky" tapes.

    If you get in touch, feel free to tell him I recommended him to you. He might even buy you lunch. :cool:
  5. DrD2005

    DrD2005 Active Member


    Hey Joe,

    Thanx for the info, Freehold is ~15 miles from me and would work perfectly. From what you say and the looks of their website, I'll give them a call this!!!

    Thanx again,

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