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Neuman small condenser matched pair recommendation

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by cwalcott, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. cwalcott

    cwalcott Active Member

    i am considering buying a matched pair of Neuman 18x microphones and i looking for opinions and/or recommendations on which set to get. i'm going to be using them for drum overheads, stereo program recording (live bands, concerts, stage productions) and for instrument recording like guitar, violin, woodwinds, perecussion, etc.

    i also have a pair of SM-81's that i've used for hi-hat, guitar, violin, percussion.

    The Neuman's are going to replace a set of Octiva 012's (used primarly for drum overheads) that are just ok and i'll will keep them but i really want to upgrade and i have the budget.

    so my questions are:
    - should i go for the cardioid 184's or the omni 183's? i'm leaning towards the 184's.
    - are there other mic's in that price range that i should consider?

  2. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    I got rid of my KM184's for Josephson C42's and haven't looked back. I still use KM140's which aren't as bright as a 184 and also aren't as picky about 48v phantom.

    I personally wouldn't purchase any 18x seris mic...

  3. cwalcott

    cwalcott Active Member

    interesting. thanks for the response. i guess i had heard that the 18x series was a tad bright.

    what about the Microtech Gefell M 300? how does that stack up to the Josephsons?

    and i guess another package i should consider is the Schoeps (maybe the mk4 matched pair.) these are pretty pricy but i'd seriously consider them.

    i want a pair of top shelf condensers.

    - chris
  4. ryanwalters

    ryanwalters Guest

    small condenser?

    I have heard that the C42's are a tad bright. Someone preferred the peluso small condenser over those $600 a pair. Supposed to be a good copy of the schoeps. But the gefell 300 yeah those are pricey, $900 per mic. But they are supposed to be similar to the Neumann km84 which is a very good thing. A very expensive good thing. I would hope that for $900 dollars per mic they dont stack up to the josephsons at all.
  5. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member


    The SM81 is a far more useful mic than either of the KM18x mics (which is saying a lot since I'm an admitted non-fan of the SM81). IMO, so is a good pair of Oktavas. I agree with Ben, the 140 or the Josephsons are far better. The M300s are also VERY nice (much more reminiscent of the KM84s)

    The pelusos sound NOTHING like Schoeps. They are marketted as such, but I have used a pair of them on that very basis. I didn't find them to sound anything at all like my MK4s or I would own at least 4 pairs of them. If you want to get a mic that sounds like a Schoeps, you need to buy a Schoeps. IMO, there is no better and more versatile mic on the planet - period.

    For high-quality mics, check out the M300, Josephson, M200, MBHO and the KM84. Also, the AKG Blue Line and the AT 40 series are quite nice too.

  6. huub

    huub Guest

    I personally loooooooove the km140's (or,with different/switchable capsules: 130.131 or 145..)
    They're real, yet fat sounding, and veeery versatile, for classical soloists to rockdrums..
    The 184s i have never used, but anything Neumann makes cant be bad?
  7. DIGIT

    DIGIT Guest

    I'd keep the OKTAVAS (provided you have a good pair).

    The mics you have now are at least well balanced, with the SHURE being a 'brighter' mic than the Oktavas, as I am sure you know.
  8. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    After living with a pair of KM84's for several years, when I left that situation I always thought I would like the 184's. I DO like the 184's just not for a strereo pair. I've used them on snare and hat and love them there. Didnt like them on acoustic guitar, even with the pre-war Martin and the Gibson J200. But as a single mic I found uses for them. NOT enough to warrant the price. The SM81's are far more practical. The Octavas are hit or miss but when you get a pair thats outstanding, they really are. There was a pair of KM84's for sale right here in the sale section. Really, if you can find a pair in great condition, you cannot go wrong.
  9. cwalcott

    cwalcott Active Member

    thanks for the feedback. right now i'm starting to lean towards the gefell m300 or the schlops - although they may be a bit pricy for me as i'm also lookickng at getting some new mic pre's.

    i do plan on spending a day on the floor at AES to try stuff out and talk to people. i love shopping at AES! :D

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