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Neumann into USB Converter

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by zepplinne, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. zepplinne

    zepplinne Guest

    If I was to connect a Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone into a more affordable USB audio interface such as:

    Buy M-Audio Fast Track Pro Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface | Audio Interfaces | Musician's Friend

    Would the Mic's quality be undermined by the USB interface?

    If so, is there something that someone could recommend that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

    PS. I want to hook it up with:
    Buy Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone | Condenser Microphones | Musician's Friend

    and it also needs to have at least 2 analog mic inputs
  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Honestly, the conversion isn't the problem on most devices these days. It is the analog circuitry leading to and from the conversion. What is your max budget? Below a certain pricepoint pick what makes you happy. The cheapest interface I recommend is the TC Electronics Impact Twin. Anything less than that is whatever you like.
  3. zepplinne

    zepplinne Guest

    my budget for the converter would be under $350. I was looking at this one:

    Buy Cakewalk UA-25EX USB Audio Interface | Audio Interfaces | Musician's Friend

    can it only be used with cakewalk or can I use it with other programs as well? Could you recommend a good one around this price point? My main desire is high quality sound and two mic inputs, it doesnt have to have a ton of features
  4. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    The ad you linked to gave you the answer. Halfway down....compatible with all major DAW's.....
  5. zepplinne

    zepplinne Guest

    Hahah, I see that now. I like the look of that Impact Twin that you recommended. I don't really understand the difference between Firewire and USB though. I have both so it isn't a worry, what are advantages/disadvantages of each though?
  6. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    With properly written drivers and USB 2 (vice usb1), then for under 6 tracks the differences are small. How the drivers are for that particular device I have no idea. I suspect a Cakewalk device to be decent enough.

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