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Neumann pop killer??

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by Big K, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Has any of you ever tried this pop screen by Neuman?

    NEUMANN PS 87 - Thomann UK Cyberstore

    I am just asking, 'cause one was offered to me for a more reasonable price
    and I have never used that before...
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Something tells me the wide trim around it , not good.
  3. Jeemy

    Jeemy Well-Known Member

    Yeah the untrimmed Royers are so cheap, why use anything else. I have a Rode which is similar to this but tapered, and I swear you can hear the metal edges.
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    2 thumbs up on the Royer PS-101
  5. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Not good was my first impression, also.
    But, .. does that look/sound like Neumann?

    I still hope for someone chipping in who uses that ( wallet- ) buster.
  6. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    I have one, it came with my u87ai kit. Never use it, I found it sits to close to the mic and was ineffective. I like my old nylon popper stopper better.
  7. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    So, there actually is a piece of Neumann gear that is bad...
    Thanks for telling me.
    Better, I stick to my Pauly filter and buy a few crates of strong brew, instead.
  8. moresound

    moresound Active Member

    You would think that with all the research that they do at Neumann that this item didn't fall through the cracks.

    I mean they are out there for sale ..... <shrug>

    You can always try it out for your self ~ 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!
  9. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I see Blue Microphones makes these too, and they look oddly very similar :
    Long & McQuade - Blue Microphones Universal Clamp-On Pop Filter
  10. song4gabriel

    song4gabriel Active Member

    oh man dont tell me there is a difference between brands and styles of pop filters now.....

    the metal edge on my pop filter is a detriment??? iy yi yi...

    learn something new here everyday
  11. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I can't say it is because I've never used one like that. It does seem to me though, that wide trim is an obstacle that reflects your breath and sound. I don't sing so targeted either so its a red flag for me.
    The Royer pop screen is by far my favourite because it has nothing for trim and should last a lifetime.
  12. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Ha! I just remembered I wrote a burb on them in one of my Blogs:
    I don't work for Royer but I do recommend everything they make and wish I owned their entire line:)
  13. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member


    Did you forget the smiley?

    Seriously now...
  14. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    I've been using a specialized type of frying Pan splatter screen. It's a punched aluminum creating hundreds of little louvers. It's the same as the Stedman. It costs around $10 US when you find that the food store and they are so large they come in 4 sizes. One of which is perfect taped to a microphone stand. Their aluminum in color instead of black. It's crazy to spend that kind of money on the German variety. I've seen these in photos through the years never played with one. Nobody knew these existed? I would imagine it's large frame wouldn't be ideal. I think they could've done a better job designing this. But hey! If your microphone is going to cost $3000 US I think you should spend $500 for a pop filter? It only makes sense, for Neumann. Sennheiser? Stockholders! I meant to say stockholders.

    You can't pop my weasel
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  15. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    I guess, they would be seen more often if it wasn't for the large foam windscreen that is mostly used and can't be pulled over it.
    I totally agree ...this is nonsence money spent on a compromised design. I was offered it for only a fraction of the costs, but I turned the offer down, by now.
    I have some great screens, already, and I was curious to get some info on this Neumann filter.

    Pan splatter screen can work well, but somehow I can't get used to the idea to put them infront of a customer and a 3.000 $ mic...call me old fashion.
    ;-) I pop weasels all the time, but I always ask politely....
  16. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    Well, you just make sure you don't cook any bacon first...

    Personally, for approximately the 1/2 DB loss at around 15 kHz with the foam, it makes a lot more sense. I don't care if you can hear the difference. Don't pay any attention to the difference and you'll still like it. Besides, you get them in some pretty amazing decorator colors these days and as you know, I like blue, purple, red and anything in tie-dye. I'm not kidding! It's got to have the right color to sound right. When I'm done cooking pork sausage, anything is possible.

    I like Sunnyside up personally and still pretty snotty
    Mx. Remy Ann David

    ACIDMAN Active Member

    Metal coat hanger (formed round a small biscuit tin) and a pair of tights !!! Not only is this VERY effective you can get varying thicknesses and colours to suit your studio !!:wink:
    I saved enough money to buy an excecutive chair for comfy mixing:tongue:
  18. moresound

    moresound Active Member

    Well that does it then. I'm going into the pop filter modding business! forget about microphone modding. :wink:

    So send your Neumann pop filters to me and I'll turn that sucker into something to be proud of. :cool:

    Now to just come up with a catchy business name.
  19. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    I think you should call it " POPFILTER$$$$$ "?

    What about recycling pantyhose, unwashed? What self-respecting man wouldn't pay a handsome price for that?

    No I'm not! Don't even think about it.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  20. MrEase

    MrEase Active Member

    While your suggestion may make a very effective pop filter, I doubt it would do much to suppress the sniffing! Hey, you started it! :tongue:

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