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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by michjassir, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. michjassir

    michjassir Active Member

    hello bought my neve 8816 this week just trying it out i have everything setup using a digi 003 and a rossetta 800 but im not sure about how sending my final mix back into ptools. Im sending the line main outputs to 2 inputs in the rossetta but the signal coming in is to low. Any help
  2. Boswell

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    You need to look at your gain staging. The 8816 has a maximum gain of 15dB, so it's unlikely that you are unable to drive enough level out to the Rosetta, assuming the input levels to the 8816 are +4dBu nominal. Where are the 8816 line inputs coming from?

    It's probably best to use the ADAT output from the Rosetta to get the data back into the 003, as this route avoids the 003's ADCs. Note there's no opportunity for gain adjustment in a digital link.

    While you are about it, check the internal jumpers in the Rosetta 800. They can be set for input levels of +6dBV, +20dBu and +24dBu. You would normally want the +24dBu setting, which will then be a reasonable match for the +26dBu max output of the 8816.
  3. michjassir

    michjassir Active Member

    ok first problem solved, but know as i record back into ptools through the rosseta, one channel is coming slightly with more gain. Any idea what might be going on? and thanks.
  4. Boswell

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    You are using the ADAT optical link from the Rosetta to the 003, right? To balance up the channels, you need to plug a 1kHz sinewave from a generator into each 8816 input in turn and set a level so you get about -6dBFS at the DAW. Adjust the gain and balance controls of each input channel so you get the same output level on the L and R channels as seen by the DAW. Loosen each pan and gain knob on the 8816 and re-tighten so the pan control shows centre and the gain control is the same position for each channel. Your signal chain is now calibrated.
  5. Trillionaire

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    Im interested in purchasing a Neve 8816 but I need understand exacly how the mixdown process from the neve back into pro tools works and what exras will I need with my setup to run the neve succesfully. Right now my setup is A Digi 003 apple g5 mpc5000 and motif xs8
  6. Massive Mastering

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    You need as many channels of DA as you need (16 if you want the whole enchilada) and a stereo AD to get it back in.
  7. SoundsGreat

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    I am having the same problem...

    I am new here having the same problem,
    Dude did you fix the problem any advice guys?

    Thank you
  8. Boswell

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    Re: I am having the same problem...

    What same problem? Low signal levels, channels not calibrated, how to get enough D-A outputs?
  9. TheJackAttack

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  10. SoundsGreat

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    ok... So after opening up the 8816. 4 times, messing around with fadrer pack 8804 and going thru all the cables and talking with vintage king, neve USA and neve EUP ... it was a loose cable.

    I had a channel coming in hotter than the other and talking with some people, well we thought it was the 8816.

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