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New ambient project, any advice?

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by delfy, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. delfy

    delfy Active Member

    Hey guys, Im new here!

    Just letting you know about a new ambient project Ive been doing with a couple of friends. We have one song thats almost an hour long. It's droney/experimental/ambient stuff, using a hell of a lot of hardware and software, a lot of custom made hardware and software too, made by me and my friend(we run a company called delfycreations.com). Check out this short video with one section of the song in, and the full version should be out soon. If anyone has any reccomendations of record labels that might be interested in this kind of stuff tehn let me know! Cheers

    YouTube - Mavis Beacon - Recording Session Montage - 19th October 2010


  2. dannymorreale

    dannymorreale Active Member

    ohhh i see so you guys are into circuit bending?

    ACIDMAN Active Member

    Does anyone remember the " BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP" ? Hmmmmmmmmm............................
  4. delfy

    delfy Active Member

    Yeah theres a bit of circuit bending here and there in teh project, but most of it is other stuff. We run a company called Delfy Creations - Home which sells weird little electronic instruments

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