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New Computer - Fall '13

Discussion in 'Computers / Software' started by Bassdog, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Bassdog

    Bassdog Active Member

    Jack or anybody....

    I am wanting to upgrade my computer. As far as my needs, I record one to two tracks at a time. Most songs have around 16 total tracks. 8-12 of those tracks would be VSTi plugs and I use a normal amount effects plugs. My budget is $1200.

    Would I be better off getting a entry level professional built audio computer like a Rock Box for $999 or $1199 Rok Box HSX - PCAudioLabs

    OR a ADK AM3 http://recording.org/resources/recording-computers.300 for $1192

    OR cheap Dell or Asus for $700-800

    The Pro Audio computers have i3 processors and 2 smallish internal hard drives and the cheap Dell style versions have 16 gigs of ram and i7 processers

    Obviously pro built versions have better Mobo's, power supplies, and cooling systems.

    I want stability and ease of use above all.

    Can you guys weigh in on this, please?
  2. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    What interface (FW or USB) and what DAW software are you using.
    Those have more to do with stability with the drivers.
    At the track counts and 2-3 channels of realtime recording that you've mentioned any of those choices would be fine.
    Win7 64bit with at least 8G RAM and 2 internal drives is fine. If you want something that is strictly for audio recording and you want it right, I would spend that $1200 budget on one of the audio grade models. Compare the features and reviews, customer support and take your pick.
    There's no factory "bloatware" installed on those and they have already been streamlined for audio recording use. Plug in and record. Which is worth it if your not a big computer geek.
    The Dell types are good too but you have to be more computer savvy to get them setup and configured for audio plus you have to tweak and strip out all the bloatware...
  3. Bassdog

    Bassdog Active Member

    I am using Reaper and a Saffire Pro 24 firewire interface. This will be a dedicated audio machine. I would prefer the audio grade as you say because they come set for optimal recording. I am just a little worried about the future with a small processor and 8G max RAM. I want to use this machine for 5 years minimum.
  4. ProVOTalent

    ProVOTalent Active Member

    I personally prefer to build my own machines - Dell, Acer etc - as noted above - are full of bloatware and ultimately, these companies "cheap out" somewhere in the food chain to get the price point down. Plus, part of your purchase cost is the OS, which you can get legit license key for about $40.00 on-line.

    You can build a gorgeous machine for $1200! Spend the money on the MoBo (I like Asus), Memory (OCZ) and processing (Intel i7....!). This is especially important in your case, as it sounds like you want to be able to adjust in the future.

    My two bits.

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