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new daw need all the help before i install and assemble/new

Discussion in 'Recording' started by jimmyt12, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. jimmyt12

    jimmyt12 Guest

    intel p4 650 3.4
    asus p5ad2-e mobo
    corsair xms2 1g 512x2
    tru control antec 550 wt
    160g western digital sata x2 raid0
    200g western digital external hd
    xfx nvidia 6600gt dual dvi-d
    motu pci 424/motu 24I/O
    sony 19" sdm-s94 lcd monitors x2
    zalman 7700 copper
    thermaltake va3000
    sony 16x dvd/rw double layer
    nuendo 2.0

    Hey I just got all my gear today nothing has been installed does anybody have any crucial tips or advise for any of this. I am a newbee in the daw department, i have always gone analog. This comp is for recording only and will never touch the net. I could really use all help before I attempt to install all software drivers and hardware.
  2. aschek

    aschek Guest

    Hey !

    I am sorry to write you this, but PRAY, first of all...... I have been building computers forme and friends for more than 15 years now... as a hobby.. and when i decided I would do my DAW, i also bought the best gear at that time... to make the long story short.... you will never finish tweaking and adjusting...

    I gave up a few months ago.... so I am shopping for an out of the box DAW solution... I might pay more, but at least i will have somebody to blame :)

    Anyway, I don't want to be so negative, I do have also heard good experiences.... so, its up to your knowledge and lots of luck !


    SONICA-X Guest

    Re: new daw need all the help before i install and assemble

    Good choice of components but return the MOTU and get a Fireface 800.

    Also, we no longer like the Zalman coolers and as for DVDRW I would go; Plextor, Pioneer, NEC.

    If you run into trouble give give us a call or blast an e-mail.

    Joseph C.
    sonica-x support.
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    i agree with Sonica other than 1 thing
    well 2 the Zalmans are great
    but more importantly the video card you chose will cause issues.
    only an ATi X300, or Nvidia 6200 or lower are recommended for intel PCI-E systems. anything higher will cause decrease your audio ability as you increase your video card power.

    see this thread
    (Dead Link Removed)
    page 2 has the PCI-E stuff

    and yes dump the Motu and get a fireface.


    SONICA-X Guest

    Yes, I used to think the Zalmans were great too but not any more.

    They only support Prescotts up-to 540 and 650 in silent mode (1200 RPM).

    There are other options that run at 600-900 RPM up-to 4.4GHz that don't violate Intel's spec by a factor of almost two, are 1/2 the cost and use Intel's standard mounting holes.

    No more Zalmans for us.

    Guy Cefalu
    sonica-x support
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guests


    funny Zalman says it works.

    how did you figure that?

    R= X C/W or

    ΨCA = (TC – TA) / TDP = (67 – 38) / 100 =
    ΨSA = ΨCA − ΨCS = 0.29 − 0.10=

  7. aschek

    aschek Guest

    Is mechanical noise reduction important for ALL DAW needs ? I will not have an external signal input in my sistem, i will base everthing softsynth... is it also important ?


    SONICA-X Guest

  9. JayDee

    JayDee Guest

    Hey Guy,

    Man thats a pretty serious statement , 600-900 RPM and good to 4.4 Ghz ?

    Have you actually managed to get a PIV to 4.4 GHz with passive cooling ?

    I have personally achieved some awesome Noise/ Thermal results with a combination of a reputable heatpipe cooler, low noise fans and a custom TAC, but your statement seems extreme to me.

    I'd love to be proven wrong :)

    BTW: What Size Fan is being utilised on the CPU cooler ?


  10. SONICA-X

    SONICA-X Guest

    Yes, serious and true!

    Convination of fairly massive aluminun radiator style cooling element with 4 heat-pipes going through all elements and a 90mm fan running from 600-900 RPM controlled by system board.

    This cooling solution will cool an intel P4 660 running at 95 % utilization to 49 C.

    200 grams less than a Zalman 7700.

    But please, lets not play this game here in the forums and turn this thread into a contest.


    Guy Cefalu
  11. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Hey Jaydee,

    probably this

  12. Someday

    Someday Guest

    Are you willing becoming an informatic engineer? Do you want to spend the first year trying to understand what works and what doesn't work?

    It follows a SPAM from a Mac evangelist, don't read it, but trust him:
    Just buy a Mac and start making music the same day.
  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    are you still posting in here? i thought we ran you off.
    where is that ignore button.

  14. SONICA-X

    SONICA-X Guest

    Scott, close but twice as tall and the fan can not be in the top as it has to be in series with the PSU fan.

  15. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Hey guy,

    little confused, your not using BTX cases yet.
    u trying to turn it to blow toward the power supply fan
    and not use a rear case fan?

    not a bad thought providing it keeps the inside cool enough.
    with those 140 mm fans on those ps u use just might work.

  16. SONICA-X

    SONICA-X Guest


    yes and it works even better on the tower as hot air moves upwards. That is why I like to use the ATI cards as they have low heat emissions compared to the nVidia and the video card seats behind the cpu cooler.

    With the giga-byte boards this set-up works great but you have to be willing to use the psu with 140mm fan.


    video card ----> cpu cooler ----> PSU -----> out

    All fan speeds controlled by system board. No more fanmates or crap like that.

    So far so good. Not one single bad PSU.

  17. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Hey Guy,
    yeah we have been using them a little while now.
    i like the fanless 480!
    wish they had something that was EPS 12v with 8pin.

    so... glad to see you finally got rid of those P4 PCI-E systems
    you were defending so hard.

    welcome to the dark side err more like the Light side new Jedi!

    sorry excited about Starwars.....

  18. JayDee

    JayDee Guest


    Firstly I am not interested in a contest, I asked you a simple question , that you have not answered btw, and considering you are being so coy about the actual cooler, I still think you are stretching it.

    I am not defending the Zalman 7700, I personally find them to be a noisy, groaning P.O.S, that do not give any better performance than the 7000.

    As I stated earlier, I already have an awesome heatpipe solution for my systems which achieve similar performance to what you have quoted, are not these tall cumbersome Tower units that you mentioned , and also weigh about 450 gramms all up.

    I have a fair idea what your using , but considering your behaving like its some state secret instead of a commercially available unit, I 'll keep my cards close to my chest as well.

    BTW: Any New PIV 500J or 600 Series will comfortably run within that thermal envelope you are quoting , so its not exactly a revelation :)

    P.S: I still stand by my comment that your claim of the unit being good to 4.4 Ghz is extreme , actually , lets call a spade a spade, its Hyperbole, I thought we had got past that stage.. sigh.. :)

    P.P.S : I'm with Scott, whats with the slimmed down product line, its like a moving target at the moment, I checked your page earlier this week and you only had an Intel PCIe single CPU system, and a Dual Xeon System , today you only have an AMD NF3 system and the Xeon, you can't be serious that after all of the noise regarding the Intel PCIe systems , that actually work fine, you have dropped the whole product line ?? Each to their own Bro, what ever works, have fun with NF3 systems while they last ... LOL.


    Thanks fore the tip Mate, but I have a way, way better unit.
    I'll fill you in offline if your interested. Drop me PM over at the Nuendo Forum.

    I'll let you boys get back to it... :)


  19. SONICA-X

    SONICA-X Guest



    We are going with the 955 for the early adaptors. I am a PCIe defender. :D . The PCIe drop is just temporary as the new web design is taking longer than anticipated.

    Try this out;


    Guy Cefalu
  20. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    I think it's a shame that trolls like Jay Dee come here and turn this forum into a pre-school just when ADK and SONICA start to get along with each other.

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