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New DAW setup

Discussion in 'Recording' started by sid, May 19, 2005.

  1. sid

    sid Guest

    I am making a new DAW
    I will be playing mostly VSi.,

    this is my new setup :
    I am still not 100% sure about the intel route I have chosen ...

    Intel P4 630 EM64 3.0G .

    ASUS P5GD1 Intel 915P LGA 775

    For the Case Either :
    Simbadda 402T with their 520Watt power supply inside
    Chenbro Xpider PC61166
    and an Antec truePower 430w

    HDD :
    2 * Seagate 80G sata

    2 * 512Mb of Either Samsung or Kingston DDR 400

    DVD R-w
    NEC ND-3520A Dual Layer DVD±R/W/DL 16X White Bulk

    Audio card:
    Creamware's Luna II

    Any comments wil be very welcome

  2. Looks fine. I'm not sure what type of comments you are looking for.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    what video card?

  4. sid

    sid Guest


    I wanted to know what do you think about the P4 64bit processors .
  5. sid

    sid Guest


    Yes I am also looking for a good video card that will be able to support dual monitors mode .

    I have some problems with this , because I could not find a one that will be able to work with VGA extention cables (My PC will be out of the room I work in ).

    any one use this kind of setup , can ecoomend me a pci express card for this ?

    SONICA-X Guest

    Get a 955 board to have a dual core upgrade path and 8GB ram expandability for X64.

    My best.

    Guy Cefalu

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