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    If any of you are in the market for a Yamaha LS9, wait until you check out the Allen & Heath GLD. It is priced competitively, but will actually be cheaper, because the GLD eliminates the need for a copper snake. A&H also have new ZED mixers hitting the streets.

    Many of you have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Behringer X32 and Aviom knock-off personal mixing system. The is that these will be available in March. We dealers are not holding our breath, because we have had numerous release dates come and go within the last two years. Not all of the functions advertised will be available upon release. Some of the optional cards have not been developed yet.

    Presonus has some cool things happening at NAMM. This weekend will be great.
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    Ok, the GLD has been out for a while. I have not sold any, but I hear that they are doing fine.

    The Behringer X32 will be shipping in a couple of months. They raised the MAP price, but are offering the recording card as standard. The console comes with a cover, redesigned preamps by Midas designers (it is NOT a MIDAS preamp from a current or past product).

    Yamaha has introduced the CL consoles, which are placed above the M7CL and below the PM5D. If I were betting, I would bet the PM5D's days are numbered. Dante is being used to connect the consoles to the external remote controlled preamp boxes. Very cool stuff.

    Word is that there are drawings for a full 32 Channel Presonus Studio Live console with fader recall, etc. No word on ETA.

    QSC is beta testing a new digital console on the road. It is basically QSYS in a console form factor. Very powerful. This will likely be the LS9 and GLD killer.

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