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New Interface or Mixer?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by abefroman35, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. abefroman35

    abefroman35 Guest

    Hey, just joined so I know that this question is probably already answered but I was just going to ask and then Ill do some more research. About a year ago I produced my own album, basically just a demo to get my name out there when I was playin shows. But I am moving in Aug, and I am going to be playing a lot more and start recording a lot more. I have the Line 6 TonePort UX2, and I used like WavePad or Krystal to record and mix my album (which was completely terrible, I squeezed every bit of quality sound out of it that I could). I have been around recording and live sound and such for a few years and I have learned a lot from people I've met.

    I ordered a new XPS M1530 (which is STILL NOT HERE! after freakin a month) but it is Dual-Core 1.83Ghz, 4G Mem, Vista, blah blah blah. And I got a copy of Cubase SX3, which I plan to use for producing from now on (i just cannot get it to work with the line6, well with out a CRAP load of latency). And I have a bunch of other gear for guitar, conisdering that is my main focus, but I dont feel like going into that.

    So my question is, What would be the best thing (ie. interface or mixer/digital workstation) for me to get to start recording again? I do not plan on producing albums and such. I just want to get my ideas down and be able to make rough drafts of what I would really want for an album.

    What would be your guys suggestions? I am willing to spend up to $500 on something, but I would def like to keep it down on the price rang like 200-300. Would it more beneficial for me to just get a nice interface? Or get a decent HD Mixer, like the Zoom HD8CD or something?
  2. orbit

    orbit Guest

    so you are just wanting to record a guitar direct? an acoustic with a mic? vocals also? need to be probably a little more specific
  3. abefroman35

    abefroman35 Guest

    yeah sorry about that

    no I am going to be recording others, I like to record most of my stuff with just mics. Im really about analog sound and stuff. I am going to want to record sessions too, that was another thing I should have added. I will mic my amp, drums, and voice at least, bass I might would plug straight into an input. And I also want to get a midi board or synth or somethin to use that as well, (while im mixin and stuff blah blah) And I will be doing more recording by myself as well.
  4. orbit

    orbit Guest

    well i can at least say that if you get a mixer, unless you get something like the mackie onyx, you're going to need A/D converters to go into. so if you get an interface like the presonus firestudio or soemthing that eliminates another piece of gear that you need...

    myself i tend to shy away from "all in one" types of units...i go from preamps into my delta 1010 (a/d converter) because i dont want a preamp that has a/d converters tied to it. i like each unit to be dedicated to what it does best.

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