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New KRK Project Studio Monitors Question

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by mark4man, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. mark4man

    mark4man Active Member


    1st...thanks to everyone who helped me (with my previous thread)!


    ...I hooked these bad boys up (the KRK RP-8's)...

    & I'm not so sure my configuration is normal; 'cause the overall power comin' out is scarin' the crap outta' me.

    First: I used Monster ProLinks 1/4" TS to RCA (for the hookup); & noticed a buzz, right off the batt. Thought it might be a ground loop, so I powered them both out of one outlet. Still had a buzz. The units' Volume range is -30dB > +6dB; & so I decreased that until the buzz went away...which was about -20 > -24dB (so I rolled it all the way down to -30dB, to be safe.)

    Second: In my Audio Interface's mix console, I have the nominal output set to -10dB; & the master faders ridden back to -18dB...& those settings give me a moderately low volume (but powerful) signal !!!

    Is this normal...for bi-amped active near-fields?

    At the abovementioned settings...they really do sound just spectacular !!!; & already I've noticed (by now having reference monitors) why my mixes have too much bottom end (&...oddly enough...it's because they have TOO MUCH F_ _K_ _G BOTTOM END, MARK...YOU !#%&*.)

    Now...I suppose I should be using 1/4" TRS all the way through, but would that make a difference (in eliminating the buzz I first heard)? (or...in quality of signal?)

    Do the output level settings of my AI (Layla 24/96) & the input level settings of the KRK's sound correct?

    Is it necessary to pull back the master output faders & the input volume of the near-fields to this extent...or am I just the fool voice of inexperience rattlin' off, over here?

    Could use some insight from those with experience.


  2. Kswiss

    Kswiss Guest

    hey, i have some RP8s also. Just unplug the monitors and turn them up, and if you have no buzz, then it isn't directly related to power. Then plug the cables in and see if it buzzes. Turning down doesn't get rid of the buzz, just makes it so you can't hear it. Just connect stuff one by one until the buzz comes back, then you know the problem. As far as the volume goes, they get really loud, just start with the volue and HF settings at 0 and adjust from there.... if you need less volume turn it down from your software control panel. As far as the connections go, the outs on your soundcard are line level, and the ins on the speakers are line level, so there should be no problem there. If it sounds alright then your probably fine, just figure out the buzzing problem....

  3. mark4man

    mark4man Active Member


    Thanks very much.

    Will implement; & get back with the results.

  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Sounds like you have a ground loop .... Balanced lines will help but not eliminate the problem . Be sure the speakers are on the same power circuits the rest of your audio gear. Them being on the same circuit with each other but a different one than the rest of your gear will not solve the problem, rather it will make it worse ... ground loops x 2 .

    Worst case, you can just use some ground lifts on the power cables to the speakers ... not the best solution and never do this with guitar amps of mixing consoles. You can also disconnect the shields from your cables at the end that plugs into the monitors. Better solution. Getting all your gear on the same circuit with all shields and grounds intact, is the best solution.
  5. mark4man

    mark4man Active Member

    Kswiss & Kurt,

    Yeah...ground loop.

    First (per Kswiss), I unplugged the line cable from the Layla; & it didn't take the buzz away. This meant (also per Kswiss) it was power related.

    Then I swapped gear & outlets/power strips until the KRK's, the Layla (& all other audio gear) were on one; & everything related to the PC workstation were on another (per Kurt); & 95% of the buzz went away.

    There's still a very faint buzz present, but you gotta' put your ear practically in the damn cone to hear it...& it's not affected by the volume control.

    Thanks very much...to both of you. The help is well appreciated.


    BTW - Now if I could only understand why these things are so damn powerful [with the outputs feeding them @ -10dB (nominal) / -18dB (level); & their inputs @ -30dB (level)]...I'd feel somewhat more comfortable.

    BTW 2 - Kurt...you really have that many posts? Over 66 hundred? Holy sh_t...that's phenomenal!

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