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New member needs help building new studio

Discussion in 'Recording' started by leadplayer, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. leadplayer

    leadplayer Guest

    Hello all I am a guitar player, lead mostly and am looking to venture into the recording side of music production. I am willing to buy a few pieces of "good" equiptment and have to piece the rest together in time rather than get everyting needed right away and regret not having what I really wanted.I want to build a home studio that I can record my bands and offer recording to local bands. I want to base everything off of a vs2480. I am very computer literate and have 3 good PC's so incorporating pc based processing is a possibility. I have around $12,000 a little more or less to put this together. As I am basically new to recording and was wondering what would be advised for my home studio. I definitely am using the vs2480, as my father has the vs1680 and recorded a few of my bands in the past and I was very impressed by the unit, so besides not using the 2480 or replacing it as the main unit in the studio what else would be recommended? I have Cubase 3.0sx alot of plugins, The newest cakewalk (cannot remember the version) alot of plugins ,the newest Reason, Fruity loops, Gutiar Rig, and tons of plugins for all of them, bbe sonic maximizer ( with rca, low and high impedance inputs), phonic 18 channel firewire board, a few syths, Boss GT Pro effects unit, and a TC Helicon Voice works Processor so these will not be needed to purchase. I thankyou in advance for any input, I do not want to waste money on the wrong mics or any other pieces needed, that is why I am asking more informed people about this project.

    John Dullebawn
  2. gullfo

    gullfo Active Member

  3. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    If the vs2480 is going to be your recording platform, then you should have very little need for and Cubase and all the plug-ins. If you do want to use plug-ins from the computer as standalone or as VSTs from within Cubase, then you would want to have a decent audio interface for the computer so that the audio you record from the computer to the VS is of good quality. Also, you may have need to sync up the two systems which may require MIDI, or SMPTE.

    But like I said, if the VS is what you'll be using, you should have very little use for the computer stuff.

    You'll need monitors. Go and listen to them all and pick the ones you like the best. You'll need to get power to them and you can either get ones that come with their own power or get ones without and buy a separate power amp.

    You'll also need headphones and likely a headphone mixer.

    Get yourself some microphones, a DI box or two, some good cables and mic stands. For info on what mics to get search this forum. It's been discussed hundreds of times.

    With that, you should be able to record. After you do it for a little while, you'll start to get an idea of things that you will want or need.
  4. Glide

    Glide Active Member

    Thanks for the photos Gullfo - Nice studio - Is it yours?
  5. gullfo

    gullfo Active Member

    nope. just some studios i've designed for folks recently.

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