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New Mic!(s)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by dspickett, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. dspickett

    dspickett Active Member


    I'm looking to get a new mic for recording guitar, nothing too special just something that does the job for demoing sets and making the odd track.

    Samson C01 & C02 Condenser Mic Pack
    Shure PG57 Dynamic Instrument Mic Live Microphones Andertons Music Guildford Sur
    Samson C01 Condenser Mic Studio Microphone Andertons Music Guildford Surrey

    are my choices/budget really. Any help would be much appreciated! I'll be using my (don't shout) Behringer 1202 mixer with them and my AKG D5 for vocals on it as well. :) I'd really like a mic that picks up the warmness of a guitar but isn't too big. Saviour Of The World | worshipcentral is the kind of sound I'd like or sortof like that (budget wise).
  2. Ravikash

    Ravikash Active Member

    Honestly I would spend the $100 and buy a SM57, That mic is worth every cent, it will last you forever, and everybody from nobody's to the biggest and most professional musicians and engineers use it. Don't buy the samson condensers, they are not worth the money in my opinion.
  3. dspickett

    dspickett Active Member

    Yeah, I think I may go down that route! Luckily my guitar pickup is pretty good now I've finished testing it.

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