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New monitors

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by DVM33, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. DVM33

    DVM33 Guest

    hey everyone.
    I'm looking to replace my studio monitors in my home studio. i might still use them as an extra source of monitoring but as of late they're getting on my nerves.
    right now i own passive 20/20's... i was thinking about putting them in my bedroom and getting a decent set of active monitor.
    for a little background. i produce and engineer R&B along with hiphop and i'm not a newbie. i usually mix on genelec 8050A's but they're 1800 each. i wanna work with a budget of $1000.. or $1200max(if 1200 i'd probably go with Event ASP8's)
    i've been looking at:
    Krk V8's
    Yamaha HS80m
    Dynaudio BM 5A
    Event ASP8
    mackie hr824
    i've never been fond of the mackies but then again i've never had a chance to use them in a good control room.
    if you all can help me find a new set of monitors i'd really appreciate it.
    i'll also be buying a mini dac or dac-1 also.
    i currently use a 002R with a soundscape/apogee 896 I/O converter
  2. DVM33

    DVM33 Guest

    sorry for making 2 topics. mods please delete this one... thanks
  3. axel

    axel Guest

    DVM33 wrote:

    do you like 'em?? if yes i would go with a pair of 8040's exactly the same just a little less ooomph... so if your room is not to big.... perfect i would say, the 8000 series IMO not to be beaten, otherwise dyno's bm5's are pretty nice too.

    just my two cents.
  4. DVM33

    DVM33 Guest

    to tell you the truth i don't like them but the mixes traslated fine usually.
    for my personal home studio i'm gonna go with the mackie hr824's.. a/b'd them to asp8's and v8 series 2 and they're better for me

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