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New Tascam Digital Mixer

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Revelation, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Revelation

    Revelation Guest

    Well here it is, the new DM 3200. http://tascam.com/Products/DM-3200/dm3200_prelim.pdf

    I like it a lot. Everything is spread out. There is not crunched up buttons like the 01V96 or DM 1000. The meter bridge looks like it sits better on the board compared to the DM 24 meter bridge which stuck up in the air, and was not exactly in line with the faders.

    The fire wire option allows you to have 24 channels at 96. The mixer has 8 aux sends and 16 returns, so you could easily patch in some great outboard effects. This is probably the best feature of this mixer!!! 8 sends!!! 16 returns!!! WOW! That is better spec'ed than any of the other digital mixers in this class. You can use the 8 sends to go to 8 different outboard boxes, and have the 16 stereo returns...very nice TASCAM! Well done!

    I just talked to a dealer in the States. It will be approx. $2,900 for the new DM 3200 and $750 for the meter bridge ($3,650 total). so it will be roughly $1,400 cheaper than getting the Yamaha DM 1000 with it's meter bridge. The DM 1000 in the States is $4,228 and the meter bridge is $760 so it's roughly $5,000.

    I confirmed that Tascam has improved the converters on the 3200 (compared to the DM 24) as well as the software algorithms. The release date is around June.

    Things I don't like:
    1. You are stuck with only 24 ADAT on the 32 channel mixer. They need to come out with a 16 ADAT card like Yamaha. Then you could input in the mixer 32 channels from your DAW into the mixer.
  2. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    And the pres ? are they going to be as difficult as those o the other tascam boards I've worked with. Includig the DM24 (withought gain pot update)

  3. Revelation

    Revelation Guest

    Tascam mentioned that these pres are updated and have more head room that the DM 24's.
  4. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Being a tech I have a little trouble with this sort of statement.

    The desk as a whole operates with more headroom ... I get that.
    The mic pres have a lower noise floor , and so have more dynamic headroom ... I think I get that.

    When the output of the mic-pre enters the AtoD much of the work is done.
    working backwards from the AtoD and it's clip point (0dBFS) the mic pre may have a little headroom but to have more could be pointless as the AtoD will clip anyway ???

    The amount of headroom of the mic-pre could , if they wanted, be user set and leave that choice in the hands of ... you ... 8)
    The line inputs and outputs on the DM24 were user set.
    A DIP switch arrangement as before could be ok ... 6dB 9db 12dB ... or even 3db if you like the lower noise floor.

    ... does any of this make sense ?
  5. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    errr... :?

    But the thing about the DM24 having user set line inputs/outputs ? I dont recall.

    My main problem is with the gain structure on tascam boards. the last few millimeters of rotation on the gain pot, seem to provide most of the gain. And unless ure extremely carefull. U either track with very weak levels, or easily clip the converters. I think you mention this.

    I seem to have had a similar problem with the Mackie 32.8 and the D8B. Not so severe though. Hate me for this. But the Behringers are much easier to work with in this regard.

  6. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    no ?
    .... ??
    let me think on that
    I'll have a hunt around and see if I can find some paperwork.
    I could be an interface card (tdf/adat) in the back that I am thinking of ... or perhaps I've got the wrong desk in my head.

    it couldn't be that simple that they have used log pot in the gain section where they should have used linear ...

    if this board is used for recording .. then just go external for better pre-amops anyway
    however if this is to be used for live work then a mod to the gain control could be worth investigating.

    I'd need more info to think about this properly.
  7. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    The gain pots on the DM24 are a pain. Tascam offers a 300USD (I think) upgrade to more liner pots. I, unfortunately, have not had the oppertunity to try them.

    A lot of people have this issue with the tascam boards, including the portable US interfaces.

    This single issue makes this board a pain to work with. If this was to be set right, and if only they could offer good DAW support...
  8. sturoc

    sturoc Active Member

    Don't know if you guys are still out there but:
    Thinking of using a DM24 for controller /mixer, have alot of outbd gear This would be for Cubase SL ,using 24/96rate poss RME Card via firewire or adat interface
    Would this board control the DAW well such as faders,EQ, sends rtns,
    and transport controls.Have heard something about the record button not linking to Cubase?

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