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" New" to recording (requesting tips for my setup)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by AKAmusic, May 9, 2011.

  1. AKAmusic

    AKAmusic Active Member

    Peterborough Ont.
    Hey people, I hope all is well and am glag to be here part of a site so interactive for the love of music. I bought this set up a while ago with a buddy, he used it all last summer and did not get much done, so I bought his half and now I have the equipment. I run an AKG Perception 220 condenser mic through a Tascam US - 122 MK usb 2.0 Audio/MIDI interface with Cubase LE 4.

    I have recorded 9 tracks so far and they are up on youtube, here is a link to my youtube page: YouTube - AKAMUSICkeepit100's Channel

    I stopped rapping and singing for like 2 years because the people I was around were no good for me and I almost quit. But I love music to much and it's inside of me wanting to break out everyday.

    As you can tell there is no production involved what so ever and I can only do so much with a 200 $ mic and a 200$ interface. I do not edit or mix, although I have learned to fix my levels to eliminate clips.

    Basically I would like some advice on how I should be recording, what type of levels am I looking for for first layer vocals to my second and possibly third. I am also annoyed with the instrumentals I import into Cubase, they are always so low and they clip so easily, is there anything I can do with these instrumentals to work with them better. ?

    Should I be recording in Mono on my tascam interface?

    I have so many ranges with my voice & I have a hard time finding the right levels for each, especially for singing, my singing is so much better off the mic. for that matter so is my rapping, but I am coming along with my rap structure ( bars). I used to be a really sick freestyle / battle artist but like I said I quit for along time and I am getting it back more everyday. I also record open in my basement and it is quite hollow though it does not echo to the human ear. ( If that affects how I should be recording? probaly does) I have trouble with choruses and structuring them with these industry beats I am using though. Any tips and advice will really help me get an Idea of what I should and can be doing.

    thank you for your time.
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