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New to this awesome forum...am I missing any pieces/adapters for my new setup?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Dionna Blue, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Dionna Blue

    Dionna Blue Active Member

    Hi everyone,
    Well first off...this forum moved me away from the MXL 990 to the Shure SM58 for recording R&B and Jazz vocals over instrumental tracks. I think I'll be happy with that. I'll get the 990 next month. So this is what I have in my GC basket...

    Shure SM58
    M-Audio Fast Track MKII USB Audio Interface
    Monster S-100 XLR mic cable
    Sony MDR-XD 100 headphones
    mic stand and pop filter
    Price $280

    I'm using my laptop (win 7 64-bit, i3 quad core, 4 gigs of ram, "srs premium soundcard" whatever that means, hp was rather vague) with audacity at the moment, I will have access to some other programs so that will be upgraded. I'll get monitors next pay, I'm leaning towards the Behringer MS16...obviously I'm on a budget. I don't not have any dampening, but a friend suggested I mount some foam panels mic stands to cancel out the parallel surfaces...sounds like a good idea.

    Any input (about mic selection especially) is greatly appreciated.

  2. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    NO!!!!!! No Beh@#%g$#r!!!!! Pop $300 and get the new Mackie MR5MkII, better bang and quality for the $$$.
    The 58 will do you fine for the time being. When it's time for an LDC, save your mulah and hold out for something better than the MXL. Look at what ADK and the A-T 40 series offer. But that's down the road...
    Foam panels (in the manner that you described) have a limited useage. Something that you might want to try first is a heavy blanket draped over a mic boom stand - a couple of these - like a "house" or "fort" you'd make when you were a kid. BTW, the foam panel thang only works IF the panel(s) ABSORB sound, not reflect it. Test the panels by yelling into them from 6" - does the sound "bounce back" at you ? If so, skip on them. You can use those cloth-covered panels used in call center office cubicles (provided that they pass the afore-mentioned "yell-test"), and MANY time I've gotten those for free from an office supply dealer clearing out an older office space. Check around your area for that. Good luck to you!!!!!!
  3. Dionna Blue

    Dionna Blue Active Member

    Actually, I did change my choices ----this will continue until I place my order on Friday. lol Thanks OCD! I'm going to hold off on the monitors for 2 weeks so I can get better stuff with my first order and better monitors in the second order. I'll use what I have for now. So how does this sound...
    Sennheiser e822s mic - $80 bucks at MF with cable, stand and clip (I went with it over the sm58 (actually I had decided on the sm57 at a friend's suggestion) because of the on/off switch and because I read many reviews that compared the two and found them quite similar. MF accepts mic returns, unlike GC, so that makes me feel much better.
    Tascam 144MKII USB Midi inteface $150

    Also on craigslist I saw the Audiobox 2x2 for $100 but they didn't specify the condition of the unit. I'm waiting for a reply back about that.

    I like the blanket idea - that definitely seems like it will work nicely and leave fewer gaps than the foam panels. I live in an apt so I need to be able to put what I do use in the closet when I'm not recording so the cubicle panels won't work.

    Thanks for your input.

    This is worse than shopping for cereal. You ever just stand in the cereal aisle, halfway down and look at all the choices and say eff it I'm gettin rice crispies? lol But this is more fun!
  4. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Don't scrimp on the mic!!! NO manufacturer puts an on/off switch on their better "pro" mics (ONE exception is the Shure SM58S, but that's it). That Sennheiser is a cheap-o budget mic!!!
  5. Dionna Blue

    Dionna Blue Active Member

    Well I was wondering about not having the switch, how would I mute the mic when not recording? I don't want to have to keep plugging/unplugging it.
  6. Dionna Blue

    Dionna Blue Active Member

    Ok so I'll get that pkg you recommended and the SM58, not the 57, more geared towards recording vocals right?
  7. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    There will be a "Mute" or a "Pause" function on your recording software.
    Get either an SM57 or a 58...the 58 is designed more for singing and has the round metal mesh windscreen. The 57 will more than likely require an external windscreen (like a "sock"), either will do fine, no regrets on that!
  8. Dionna Blue

    Dionna Blue Active Member

    Ok one more question...(righhhht :) I was going to get a PC headphone/speaker switch before I threw in the interface. I wouldn't need that with the Tascam US-144MKII correct?

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