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New workstation

Discussion in 'Recording' started by bigshum, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. bigshum

    bigshum Active Member

    Hi, I've just put myself to gether a new workstation, and I'm going to shove my KRK Rokit 6's on the top shelf.

    Has anyone any comments on the Mopad speaker pads by Auralex, how much of a difference they make or shall I just go ahead and make my own cos they are kind of pricey for bits of foam?

    If I do make my own, is there any particualr kind of foam I should be looking at?


  2. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    The MoPads won't do you any good if the monitors are in the wrong place and it sounds as if they will be.

    "Shove my KRK Rokit 6's on the top shelf" implies that they'll be above your seated position. Your monitors MUST be at ear level. Aiming them down or up significantly will alter the timing of the monitors and create serious phasing issues. Also, they should be roughly equidistant between all 3 points of the monitoring triangle (you and the two monitors).

    If all of these things are worked out well, buy the MoPads. They work well.

    Another good isolation tool is something called BluTack (pretty expensive for what it is considering you can buy "TickyTack" which is the exact same stuff for $3 in an arts and crafts store). This will decouple the monitors from the surface very effectively which is exactly the purpose of the mopads.

    Cheers -
  3. bigshum

    bigshum Active Member


    don't worry, I am purchasing a draughtsmans chair which will put me at ear level with the KRKs

    the main worksurface is actually 950mm high, so it's quite a high workstation.

    and they wil be placed correctly don't worry.l

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