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Newbie and I think they told me wrong

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Susan Smallwood, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Susan Smallwood

    Susan Smallwood Active Member

    Hi all, I have not messed with recording equipment digitally ever. It was all laborous computer free, stop, restart start again, if you're lucky don't start all over, but most of my recording was live anyway so that didn't matter. Mistakes and all were there for the world to see since I traveled when I used to sing. In anycase I was was asked to help with a project of a friend and have been itching to get back into music after being out for a few years. It was recomended I purchase the M-Audio Fast Track Audio Interface (Avid Recording Studio) to suit my purposes. The manual is online and refuses to open for me due to some glitch with Adobe which is already updated on my system. I'm told I can take previously recorded tracks (since I don't tend to play my own music. It is given to me pre recorded) and record over these accompaniment tracks with my vocals. The files I have are mp3 because the project needs to be in mp3 format. However, I'm being told they won't open in the interface software. Can I just input them on one of the plug in channels via an mp3 player and get it to record that way? I have some layering I need to do vocally, but I need the tracks in place first.

    Am I even making sense?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hi Susan,

    welcome to RO (recording.org )!

    yes, you are making perfect sense and someone will be able to help you ( but it is New years Eve!) .
    I don't use M-Audio / Fast Track Audio Interface so I have no idea what it is or related steps you need to do. But you should be able to import mp3 files into their own tracks into a new session and start layering (overdubbing) all you want. That is the beauty of these digital audio workstations.

    Hang in there...
  3. Susan Smallwood

    Susan Smallwood Active Member

    I'm going to upload them onto my MP3 player and see how it goes. Not sure about the quality, but if I can get it in there I can work with it. I've only used Cubase before and this is a different software. And dangit, it's my birthday, everyone should be here to answer my questions! Hahaha.
  4. Susan Smallwood

    Susan Smallwood Active Member

    O.k. that worked, now to figure out how to balance everything...and is there a way to actually have your volume adjust throughout the track? Hrm...this should prove fun.

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