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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by u2fanaz, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Through a friend's suggestion, I have found my way to this forum to get a push in the right direction toward "cleaning-up / re-mastering" a LIVE U2 show that was recorded in the old Seattle Superdome. This venue is (was) a MASSIVE concrete structure, made for baseball and not a rock show. As a result, there is much "room noise" and "reverb / echo" present.

    From my reading, it is "near impossible to remove echo and reverb from a recording. Once it is there, you can't make it go away." With that understanding, I have gravitated toward one person's mantra -- "learn to use your compressor."

    Is this my direction???

    I am working with a good to very good audience recording (no lineage, sorry). There is much dynamic range to the recording and I TRULY wish there was a way to negate the bass bouncing off the walls and getting picked up by the mics. Here are a couple VIRGIN samples...

    A Very Bass Example >> (10 Meg)
    A Full Sound Example >> (12 Meg)

    >> No studio equipment... Just a PC
    >> EVENT 20/20 Monitor Speakers
    >> Adobe Audition 2.0

    I have tried a combination of the following elements, with pretty good results (Parametric EQ - high-pass and low-pass filter // Graphic EQ // Hiss Reduction // Compression), but SOMETHING IS LOST... once I finally get the "bass reverb" under control, I have lost the "warmth" and "fidelity" of the original recording. The KICK of Larry's drum, the RUMBLE of Adam's bass... I try to bring those elements back, with some post-compression EQ, but I find that I'm just making the recording LOUDER and not more dynamic.

    I appreciate your time and support. As you know, we are our own worst critic, and I am looking to your experience to enlighten this tired soul.

    Thanks much!

    U2 Fan AZ

    >> If I can elaborate on anything, please let me know...
    >> If I have posted in the wrong forum, I do apologize... :roll:
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    I would try and use an expander to try and separate the music a little more from the ambience. I would also play with noise reduction to try and reduce the ambience a little more. use a some eq to balance it some more. I might even play with M/S and and try stuff with each of the separate channels to see if I can get it a little better. it's never going to be perfect but with a lot of playing around, you should be able to improve it.
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    Not to be a stick in the mud, but is U2 cool with you making "audience recordings" and posting them on the internet?

    I'm curious as to what you recorded them on, as it does sound pretty good for a large stadium bootleg.
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    U2 is OK w/ "audience recording" and what is


    VonRocK: Not a stick in the mud comment, infact some insight into your respect for an artists' work... There has been much conversation about this within the U2 community. Essentially the vibe is, and I'm surmising U2's comments on the subject: "If it is shared with a fan mentality and you are not making money off it, go for it." See:

    >> I don't have lineage on the recording. Not my work. I downloaded from

    Michael Fossenkemper: Thank you for the direction. I agree with the "perfection" comment... heh' --> Perfection, the downfall of many a great society!

    Thanks guys, for the comments. Please keep 'em coming!!! This audio is going to be dubbed down to a 2-Cam Video Mix that I have been sitting on for 10 years.


    U2 Fan AZ

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