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Newbie Questions here...

Discussion in 'Recording' started by hondacrxdude13, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. I'm brand new to recording. I'm looking for an 8 channel audio interface that will give me the ability to expand later on via ADAT. I saw on the Soundcard Wizard on Recording Review that the Presonus Firestudio and M-Audio Profile 2626 should meet my needs.

    Which do you guys think will be more reliable?

  2. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    That depends on what software you are going to be using. If you are using Pro Tools M-Powered then you'll need the M-Audio piece. If you will be using any other software... go with the PreSonus piece.
  3. soapfloats

    soapfloats Well-Known Member

    Those are both fine interfaces. There are others as well. Like RME, for example, a popular brand here.
    This is a topic that gets a lot of discussion on these forums - do a search and you'll get plenty of hits on more in-depth conversations.

    Like GF said, my understanding is that the biggest difference between the two you mentioned is that the M-Audio unit pretty much locks you into ProTools, while the Firestudio will work with a variety of DAWs.
  4. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    Hmm, is that true? I thought that PT M-powered locks you into the unit, but is it a two way lock in? That would mean that the M-Audio units cannot be used with any other software other than PT M-Powered? I honestly don't know, but if it's true then I did not know that.
  5. FlyBass

    FlyBass Active Member

    M-Audio or Digi hardware interfaces can be used with different software other than ProTools. However, you cannot use ProTools with any other interface.
  6. jamiesound

    jamiesound Guest

    I use a Firepod, never had any problems with it. Nice bit of gear if you can't afford the higher end stuff like myself!
  7. I use the Presonus FP10 with Sonar 7 and Love it. I've never had any problems what so ever. Seems to be good gear, espesially for the price.

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