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Newbie recording question(maudio omnistudio usb ,mic conga)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ggomez, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. ggomez

    ggomez Guest

    mother of all creatures, I received my m-audio omnistudio usb today. Allot of buttons, inputs/outputs it makes me cross-eyed.
    Check it out, I got demo software of Vegas, Reason & Live Delta.
    The one that seems pretty user friendly is Vegas, I actually found out how to record using the omnistudio. I hooked it up baby!!.

    I have one question, why does my conga only sound on one ear and not stereo (hold on I need to get high-tech MONO not STEREO)

    I am using a CAD TSM411 percussion mic & some $50 dollar AKG HP40 headphones.

    When the computer makes a ding I can hear it on both ears, but when I playback the 30 sec conga recording it only plays on one ear. (Jeeesus I feel like DUMBO, ha ha big ears)

    I basically put all the volume buttons in the middle not too high and not low. I can hear my conga on one ear, but it's not loud.
    The dings that the computer makes sound much louder and it sounds on both ears. I did not press the pad or the phantom power button.

    The M-Audio driver config is set to:
    4in,4out,16bit 48/44.1/22.05/11.025khs

    Check out this side by side comparison @ kellys
    take a peek and give me your advice.


  2. ggomez

    ggomez Guest

    Is there any books or video's that show you a introduction to audio recording. At the moment I want to be able to record my conga drums & add some instruments on the background like maracas, cowbells, timbales.
    Since I'm a computer geek I thought this was going to be easy, but it seems like brain surgery.
    Your advice will be appreciated
  3. ggomez

    ggomez Guest

    Thanks for your assistance,
    maybe I asked too many questions at once.

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