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Newbie With Mbox2!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Shawn F., Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Shawn F.

    Shawn F. Guest

    Well today I bought the Mbox 2 and Keystation 49e for 500 bucks and have been installing it, etc. I have a list of questions here that I need help with if possible.
    1.) It comes with some 6.8 or something LE pro tools but I would like to upgrade to Pro Tools 7. Since I have this pack and all can I upgrade to 7 for free? Someone told me that they think you can as long as I have the code here for my old one.
    2.) I have only ONE USB port and I understand that in order to run MBox2 and record from it onto my laptop I need a external drive. I bought a 160gb external drive with 2.0 USB and Firewire but my laptop has one ONE USB port so what can I do here?
    3.) Also I need a new computer and would like a nice one but cannot afford a 3000 dollar G5 computer. Any oppinions here? I want to get into recording and I have connections to learn and get into working at a studio, etc so I am not sure what most places use. I hear a LOT of people using G5's... Is this something I should save up for or can I get away with spending only 1000 bucks and build my own PC?
    IMO I don't see what is the problem with building my own but so far from the guys I have talked to they all say G5. I dont have that kind of money at all and it would take me 2 years at least to save that much for a computer.
    Thanks a lot for any help here guys and sorry for all the questions. I tried to keep them organized and all by numbering them so hope that helps.

  2. iznogood

    iznogood Guest

    1. if you bought your mbox 2 recently it should've come with PT7.... your reseller should upgrade for free

    2. externanl HD's should always run on firewire.... usb2 is slower in real life

    3. the G5 is very worth saving for... it's second to none!! (won't start another mac/pc debate) PC's will make your life harder...
  3. Shawn F.

    Shawn F. Guest

    I have seen the G5's for about 1700 bucks, how is this one? I know the other ones are like dual processors or something but do I really need that and have to spend 3 grand on one to get a nice setup or will the 1700 dollar one be fine? I have NEVER used a Apple or Mac computer so are programs like AOL, MSN, etc all the same? That is probably a completely stupid question but reason I don't know is because I was looking into getting Lenux (lenix, sp?) on this PC instead of Windows and I know the programs are different like instead of internet explorer, etc.
    Thanks again guys, this is a great forum!

  4. iznogood

    iznogood Guest

  5. Shawn F.

    Shawn F. Guest

    I really appreciate all the help here! I am going to start saving up and try to get one after the summer. The PC I am using right now will be fine for now but an upgrade later would be nice.
    Thanks! G5 here I come!!! :lol:

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