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NI B4 - Midi controller for drive & rotor

Discussion in 'Recording' started by mlessa2002, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. mlessa2002

    mlessa2002 Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to automate the on/off for drive and rotor in the NI B4 (running under Sonar 3).

    Does anyone know which controllers activate this?


  2. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    Well, NI makes its own hardware controller for the B4 (the B4D). Personally, I've yet to use one but they claim that every parameter is accessed through this controller.
  3. mlessa2002

    mlessa2002 Active Member

    Right, I saw that one. Not too keen on buy xtra gimmicks though :)

    My question is, if I want to manually (in Sonar) activate, for certain parts of a song, drive & rotor, which controller do I use (i.e. if I wanted to change volume I would use controller # 7, and so on).


  4. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    I'm not familiar with Sonar but when I use my hardware synths ie: Kurzweil K2500RS, Roland JV1080 (w/ the hiphop & vintage synth cards), Emu or Korg Triton rack, I don't have to worry about certain controller options (in Cubase SX) unless I have to edit them. Example: I activate the braking & other options/simulations for the Leslie w/ the mod wheel on my Roland A-70. At the same time, this data is of course being recorded in SX. I'm not sure what you're after in particular other than what I just elaborated on. Maybe someone else could pickup from here.
  5. mlessa2002

    mlessa2002 Active Member

    Right - I'll elaborate a bit more -

    I have already recorded a midi file to Sonar (on my Kurzweil SP76) which is being output to the B4.

    After rehearing the song I decided that I should add rotor & drive to certain bits, but not all the way through the song (otherwise I would simply leave the darn thing on :) ) -

    I could use the ribbon controller for this (on the Kurzweil) which is usually set to modulation (and maybe the NI B4 understands modulation as the controller for the rotor, I haven't tried that one out). I wouldn't have to replay the whole thing, just record using "sound on sound" and use the ribbon controller when I had to.

    The thing is: there is (or should be) a controller number assigned to turning the drive on and off (as there is for the rotor).

    If I don't know what it is, using the ribbon controllers on the SP76 could trigger anything from modulation to the sustain pedal.

    I think the doubt arises because the word controller can either mean the physical device (i.e. keyboard, etc.) OR the parameter itself (as in "volume is controller # 7").


  6. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    So in other words...it sounds like you want to "punch-in" this controller data (without affecting the original recording) within certain points in your song, right?
  7. mlessa2002

    mlessa2002 Active Member

    That is precisely what I plan to do.

    I would imagine that the controller for modulation works for the rotor (as would any "continuous" controller in which you could assign values from 1 to 128 (or 0 to 127) )

    However, I tend to think that the drive is activated by a controller which accepts two values (0 or 1), much akin to the hold or sustain pedal. Unless of course, you could further control the drive levels , etc, dynamically.

    I could, of course, on my kurzweil, assign EVERY single possible controller # to the second control pedal and see which one (if any) does the trick.

    Just hoping someone had deciphered that one before.



  8. Misionary

    Misionary Active Member

    There is a list of the controller assignements in the manual. I had to look for it myself when I set up my K2500 to use the "drawbars"in B4 from the controller sliders on the K2500. I assigned the switchs on the 2500 to operate the percussion and vibrato on/off controls as well. I set the expression pedal to control the speed changes of the Leslie as well. I suppose u could assign one of your control wheels to control the drive parameter if you know enough about programing your keyboard.

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