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No Output from Logic?

Discussion in 'Logic' started by TheBlackVeil, May 24, 2009.

  1. TheBlackVeil

    TheBlackVeil Guest

    This may be a bit specific for what this forum is for, so I'll apologize now if I'm posting in the wrong place.

    I'm running into some output issues while trying to record my band. Here's the run-down:

    I'm running a PreSonus FP10 to my MacBook with OS X 5.7.blahblah.blah, and when using GarageBand everything comes in and out fine, monitoring included.

    This morning, I picked up my first copy of a real recording software: Logic Express. Now, using the EXACT same interface and setup, we can get input into Logic, but when I try to monitor or play it back, with everything still hooked up, it does not work.

    I've done some research and lurking and tried some stuff I've found out, but so far no luck. Creating an aggregate audio device that couples the onboard speakers with the PreSonus as input did not work, neither has double-, triple-, and quadruple-checking the settings in Logic to make sure it's all set up to play out of the speakers.

    I'm at a loss! Any help would be greatly appreciate.


    Running a PreSonus FP10 to MacBook with Logic, getting input but no output, anyone got advice?
  2. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    First of all congrats on Logic. If you go into preferences/audio you should see a "device" setting. As long as it is set to PreSonus Firepod or FP10 what have you, you should be fine.

    Hope that helped?
  3. jammster

    jammster Active Member

    Black Veil, have you tried calling Apple customer support? ? ?

    If you have a Apple care warranty they will help you, otherwise I believe that when you buy Logic they still give you a number of days to help.

    Also, you may want to go to the PreSonus forums and look at driver related issues with your current version of OSX. I know that I have run into driver related issues, they are no fun at all! ! !

    The good news is once they are fixed your going to be a happy camper!

    Call PreSonus too, they usually do a fair job of trying to help you resolve your problems.

    Report back here too if nothing else, someone may chime in about another approach to solving the dilemma.
  4. TheBlackVeil

    TheBlackVeil Guest

    Thanks, man!

    I actually did all that and double-, triple-, and quadruple-checked it a million times, earlier today. Still no cigar.

    But, thanks for the advice!

    I've not, this is a great idea I will handle ASAP.

    I'm about 100% positive they're up to date, however I will triple-check just to be rid of the possibility; thanks for the advice, man!
  5. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    This might be another thing you tried, but it's easy to overlook. Did you go into the sound options of the apple preferences itself and make sure that PreSonus device is selected for both input and output? Sorry if you tried that as well, but sometimes the answer is hidden in plainview.
  6. TheBlackVeil

    TheBlackVeil Guest

    I sure did, bro'. Don't apologize about any advice/suggestions, you're absolutely right: I could well have missed something obvious.. but, I tried to take care of all the stuff I dealt with when I set up this interface with GB as soon as I got Logic loaded. So, yeah, did all that. Now I'm just at a loss. I'ma try what jammster suggested about calling Apple Support and maybe PreSonus support, too. They may have some very good insight, or none at all.

    Keep throwing those suggestions out as they come, though, sir!

    Thanks, again.
  7. jammster

    jammster Active Member

    Now, this may sound funny, but your drivers can be %100 up to date and not work with OSX. I actually had to run older drivers that are not on the PreSonus site. I found out by aggressively searching for similar cases on the PreSonus forum.


    Only then did I find someone who posted the old drivers on his personal site. You may be in for a little work, especially if you have to update or revert back to old firmware.

    I actually have had a FireStudio for 2 years and had updated my firmware only to find that it made my system useless and 96K. Now, I had a bunch of projects at 96K and I was not going to convert them to a lower rate just to deal with the issue.

    Sometimes its difficult to deal with the presonus driver issues, thank God they have a good forum where people are willing to help.

    I wish you the best, be sure to keep us up to date. Let us know when you get up and running too.
  8. TheBlackVeil

    TheBlackVeil Guest

    Yeah, this sort of thing is similar with specific gaming rigs + video cards.

    However, and this is just conjecture, would the PreSonus need to have its drivers "down-"graded to work with Logic 8 and OS X if it already worked with GarageBand and OS X?

    Basically, do the drivers affect the software interaction (PreSonus software + Logic software) or are we talking about just the OP? If it's just the OP, the PreSonus already works, so I'm assuming it's gotta' be an issue with running the PreSonus to Logic.

    Anyways, hope that clarifies and thanks a bunch for the continuing suggestions/advice.[/quote]
  9. TheBlackVeil

    TheBlackVeil Guest

    When Once I Was Dumb

    Hah! Figured it out on accident.

    Came out to The Shed to f&#! with the stuff some more and decided, "What the Hay, I'll just set the input on Logic to Aggregate and set the other stuff up normal," even though I'm pretty certain it said to set everything to aggregate on the Apple forums.. anyways, I digress.

    Point is, to get it to work, I set Logic to Aggregate, after making an "Aggregate Audio Device" which was, in this case, a combination of Input: PreSonus FP10 and Output: Internal Speakers. Then I set the SYSTEM Input to the PreSonus and SYSTEM Output to Internal Speakers.


    Figured it out! Logic Input: Aggregate. System I/O - PreSonus/Internal Speakers.
  10. jammster

    jammster Active Member

    This totally depends on what you find others are saying about the Fire Pod 10 and your version of OSX along with Logic Pro/Express 8. With some help from other frustrated users you can often see where the problems arise.

    The only reason I had to revert back to older firmware/drivers is that I still use OSX 10.4.11, I have had no need to advance to 10.5.X just yet, besides people have been having issues with 10.5 until recently. There is always a lag in functionality with new OS's.

    You have research to do, have you found any similar cases to yours on the PreSonus forum yet? Be sure to use keywords and search.

    What ver. OSX you using plays a major part in the driver / firmware functionality. You may find that FP10 users are using 10.4.11 with LP8, in that case you may consider formatting a disk to suit the environment that runs your software the best.

    I always have tailored my system around the best functionality for Logic Pro and let the rest slide.
  11. jammster

    jammster Active Member

    Re: When Once I Was Dumb

    Now, all it takes is something to really piss ya off and then ya start trying anything you can think of! Way to go! :lol:

    We hope to see you back here with some of your new tunes, OK?? Be sure to put them up here and not on myspace


    128k mp3s sound way better than flash.


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