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no output in 002 using logic pro

Discussion in 'Logic' started by zzzounds, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. zzzounds

    zzzounds Active Member

    hi there,

    after re-installing (and upgrading) everything on my mac (leopard) i'm facing some issues, and couldn't solve them so far...
    i'm using pt 7.4 cs2 with a 002 rack. and with that i have no problems... :)
    then i also have logic pro 8.0.2, which also offers no problems, until i want to hear from it... (obviously inputs are also limited)
    i selected digi 002 as hardware in/out in logic preferences, and nothing worked (no sound would come out of the monitors). then i changed the in/output on system preferences, and nothing... and strangely, when i change for 002 in system pref, if i go out and return the internal in/out are selected again!
    can anyone give me a help on this?

    thanks §
  2. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Yes. Cross posting is frowned upon.
  3. zzzounds

    zzzounds Active Member

    yes, i did post this topic in 2 different pro audio forums, as I was not sure which was the most correct one to post it. my apologies for that...
    if you could still give me some help I would very much appreciate it.
    thank you
  4. natural

    natural Active Member

    Usually PT hardware only works with PT.
    Research COREAUDIO DRIVERS at the digidesign site. This usually allows another program to use the Digi hardware. But you usually need to quit PT to make this happen.
  5. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Just bustin' yer chops...

    Actually I am more interested in this "after re-installing (and upgrading) everything on my mac (leopard) i'm facing some issues, and couldn't solve them so far.."

    But natural may have solved this issue for you.
  6. zzzounds

    zzzounds Active Member

    well, digidesign hardware should work with any audio software (or as sound output from the computer), if acting only as sound card (even if there's sometimes the issue you mentioned, the need to quit pro tools for it to work). i use ableton live often with my 002, and no problems with it. the thing is i simply cannot send/receive signal from logic, and don't know what else to do. the drivers should be ok, as i just upgraded cs2 for pro tools 7.4.
    any other idea of what to do? i'm using the alt src in/output in 002 to monitor the sound, but quality isn't definitely the same (and i can't have any inputs that way).

    thanks §

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