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NS 10 woofer replacment?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Kurt Foster, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member


    Didn't you make a post regarding the availibility of NS10 woofers? I need one! Thanks, Kurt
  2. daif

    daif Guest

    Hi Kurt,
    Maybe this post was not clear the first time?
    Hence the edit!
    Sorry folks.
    A couple of US online suppliers of NS10 replacement speakers:



    I bought some spares from Yamaha here in Oz not so long ago. If you really get stuck I could enquire for you. Happy to send them over if they are still available.
    Regards, Tom

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  3. 3dchris

    3dchris Active Member

    I'm not sure how this works but should not the monitors be "matched pair"? If you change just one woofer what happens to the sound? Is the pair of monitors going to translate well? I'm not so sure about this. Any opinions?

  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind if needed. I think RM has a source here in the States especially in light of his NS10 kick drum mic..

    I am cheap to a fault. This may perhaps be an issue. I replaced one woofer in these things several years ago and it seemed to be fine. Maybe I should get 2 and use the extra used driver that still works for one of RMs kick drum mics... :D Thanks for mentioning that.. Kurt
  5. daif

    daif Guest

    Yeah Kurt,
    I think you missed the point of the links in my post hey?
    They are US scources for NS10 woofers.
    Apparently both have the NS10 woofer #XN542A00 in stock.
    The top one, Blankmedia, is in LA & the second, Earsync, is in New York.
    Online ordering as well.
    Just fill in the asterisks & go to the sites maybe.
  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I meant, "I think RM has a source in LA." It also seems that his source was more affordable. For some reason, $40 keeps coming to mind. EAR wants $90 each for woofers or tweeters! Can you say "Ouch!" ? Blank media wants $70. That is a bit better. It seems to me I purchased both my NS10ms for about $300 originally.

    Thank you very much, for the effort. I didn't mean to come off as ungreatful. Sometimes I can be a butthead without meaning to. I looked up both the sites and bookmarked them for future refernce. I'm beginning to wish I had taken Yamaha up on the offer they made me for the MSP5s I reviewed. Kurt
  7. daif

    daif Guest

    No worries hey!
    BTW, how's the:
    Joe Malone,"TMP-8 Eight pack of transformer input mic pres .... JLM AUDIO." preview happening?
  8. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I just tracked drums last Sunday and I have to say I was very impressed with the TMP8! So impressed in fact, that I am trying to figure out a way I can afford to purchase the review unit! The review should be ready soon. I am still waiting for an owners manual from JLM. We will be doing some vocal and electric guitar overdubs tomorrow night to round out my impressions. I have already used it on acoustic guitar with a U87 and bass tracks via a Countryman DI (the TMP8 doesn't have direct inputs), with screamingly good results. I believe Joe Malone has a winner with the TMP 8! It must be somthing in the water in Australia, because those guys down there sure have this pre amp building thing down. I have to give JLM a big :D Kurt
  9. heinz

    heinz Guest

    Hey Kurt,

    (Dead Link Removed)

    I picked up two woofers last week from them for my ns10m's, shipping was very fast. A bit of a premium price but not too painful. My ns10m's were $499 at the time I bought (right before they were discontinued).

    I now have the old woofers (still ok) and am eagerly looking forward to the recorderman(tm) part to create my sub-kick mic!!!
  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Thanks for those links.. Kurt
  11. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Distinguished Member

    Hi Kurt,

    someone answering my post informed me you can order directly from Yamaha:

    work (888)892-6242

    Tweeter- Part# XC712001 (49.95)
    Woofer - Part# XN542A00 (49.95)

    Vd375400 (right) Crossover (89.00)
    Vd375300 (left) Crossover (89.00)

    I paid just around $60 w/ tax & shipping.
    Best deal I found...even a little cheaper than Recorded Media Supply.

    You should change both if you can...with the added bonus of using the undamaged/tired woofer as a mic!
  12. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    YEA! That's what I was thinkin'! I thought I saw something like 40 bucks. That is much more reasonable. I think you'r right, I'll do both woofs and a little later when I can muster up a few more bucks I'll do the tweets too, that way they will be essentially new and should last another 7 or 8 years! I'll put the extra working (used) woofer away for emergencies. Thanks RM, this is a real life saver! Kurt
  13. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Distinguished Member

    good idea!

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