NS-10M's or NS-1000M's for mixing?

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by millionvalve, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    Compare, contrast.

    I have NS-10M's. Is there any reason for me to sell my 10M's and Reveals (and eat the extra $ difference) for 1000M's?

  2. Prolab

    Prolab Guest

    Cavepainter just got him a set. Lets hear what he has to say!
  3. realdynamix

    realdynamix Well-Known Member

    Keep the NS-10M's and get the NS-1000M's at a price you feel comfortable with and enjoy both. Can't comment on the Reveals.
    I love the NS-1000M's in my project studio. (Dead Link Removed)
  4. EdWray

    EdWray Active Member

    I'm not going to be set up until March due to a total reorganization of the studio including construction of a new desk, etc., to get the spacing right. Bill Roberts has been tutoring me on the setup. He's the man!! Right now I have them hooked up to my home entertainment system and have listened to all my CDs with a way low end stereo. Even so I can tell that there is no hiding a bad mix. One mix in particular that was dear to my heart is now screaming for a total remix or even retracking. Some cuts sound absolutely stunning while others sound like ass. So I'm getting that there ain't no hiding crap behind hype when you're using them IMVHO. I got 'em cause I want an honest represntation of the source material and so far that's what I'm getting, which I'm not getting with the current setup. I haven't heard the NS 10s so I can't compare. Bill and others here are much more qualified for that.
  5. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Two different animals dyed from the same wool.

    NS1000 have the most pure 350 to 2K and at no time are you left with dissapearing parts. You can hear every note of every instrument. NS1000's are seamless from the pedal tones to beyond 20K. They virtually dissapear. They are very sensitive to changes in the mix. Like a scope, they let you fine tune and when it locks in place, it is dead on. You can trust them, although the proper setup is crucial.

    NS10's prefer to be slammed some to use them as a "back off" device. You put your mix up on NS10's and keep backing off on things that sound unnatural. Goal of the ns10's is a hat trick... like pulling a rabbit out of one. The goal is to make the ns10's (sans lowest FQ's) sound better than anything you have ever heard. This is when the NS10's Really become the tool of choice is for those that use them that way. NS10's are dynamically accurate to the human condition (hence why people hate them is because of fletcher/munson) and they do not make things automatic. You actually have to be an engineer to work them properly.

    NS1000's do it all, all the time.

    NS1000's simply have another octave and a half or more of low frequency extention and are much more detailed in the finer aspects of reproduction. The lack of mud allows you to get it right, everytime. They basically are No Limit reproducers.
  6. TC

    TC Guest

    I'm not familiar with the NS1000s. Are they Yamaha (I didn't find them on the Yamaha website)? Where can I get info?


  7. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    Good info Bill--thanks.

    Is there an appreciable difference between NS-1000's and the 1000M's? Could I get plain old hi-fi 1000's and be just as well off as I would with the M's?

  8. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest


    NS-1000 review

    24 online user reviews for NS-1000's

  9. TC

    TC Guest



  10. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    I find it amusing when folks say there NS1000 do not go below 40hZ


    Mine and Ricks can hit 20hZ with NO rolloff.

    Funny thing, head-end equipment, speaker cable and setup are the key.

    I have never heard a speaker hit 17hZ at 110dB like these can. The walls in the bathroom litterally move about 1/8 inch.

    No muff too tough for them.
  11. Any of you use NS10M's with subwoofers? I love my 10's to bits, even the tightness of the lowend (ok, as in what's there!) but was just wondering if anyone has had any joy with such a setup.

    Funny Bill, but in retrospect your comments on the 10's in mixing ring very true! Never thought of it from that point of view, but the whole time I was mixing my band's last album it felt like it was a process of working in eliminating the bad rather than improving the good...and I hope that's not because we suck! Anyway, guess that's what I like them for- they tell me when my mixing is $*^t!

  12. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    You are using them proper, and the mix will result.

    Only a pair of subwoofers is good, crossover around 55 to 65 (60) play with it. Single sub is a detrimental device, must be in stereo, two of them.

    Another non sub translation for bass is look at cone excursion when doing kick and bvass line. The kick "shall" move the cone X2 than the bass line. Watch them and it will be apperent tonality wise as well.

    Subs really should not be heard. any Ummmmmm sound from the sub is bad..should be the impact and only the impact and the pedal tones below low E (42) of the bass guitar. The subs should just add a very small amount of weight to low E on the bass and not colour what the ns10's are doing. I like a 12dB/Cotave on the high pass (or even 6) and a 24dB/Octave on the low pass.(subs)

    At no time should you "hear" the subs, they should be in stereo, but rather, they fill the rolloff. They simply should not contain any audable 75hZ.

    Hope this helps!

    NS1000's on the other hand...Different beast.
  13. realdynamix

    realdynamix Well-Known Member

    The NS-1000M speaker is available in Japan and is known as the NS-1000X. But, watch E-bay, or other sources for a mint vintage pair of them and a discount. I am still looking for the original cut sheet on the speakers, have not had any luck there yet.
    Good luck,
  14. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    I got it Rick, I will email it to your aol address right away.

    It is in PDF.

  15. Bill, thanks for NS10+Sub advice. No plans as yet, but one day!

  16. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    Bill-The ebay auction for the 1000's went up to $670-ish w/o the $200 shipping from Cali, which is more than I could swing.

    So, I wait for a better (and closer) deal.

    :D Anyone wanna sell me a pair for under $700 including shipping to Baltimore? I'll be your best friend!

  17. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Their will be a time where 2000 dollars will be a good price, sadly, being unavailable.
  18. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    Yes, but the connoisseur will still be able to buy the Japanese 1000X's, right?

    To answer my question, I'd guess that a new pair of 1000X's with shipping from Japan would be about $2k, though.

    I shoulda plunked down for the pair that went for $510 + shipping. I knew it. I emailed the guy who won, and he knew what he got for what. Lucky bastard.

  19. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    I also have NS200MA's that have the same tweeters, 5 inch cone mid with beyel. dust cap on mids and the carbon fiber 10 inch just like the 12" of the X model. They are warmer than the NS1000's by a wide margin (woofer).

    To get the X model, first hurdle, you have to get through customs, not an easy feat since Yamaha decided against it. Remember, the beyrellium is a stratigic mineral in the creation of a thromonuclear weapon and it is under strick control for importation. Their is not enough of this material in NS1000's to case problems but since the tighting of controls and careful measurement techniques of all shipping, especially radioactive materials, I would consider it a dead issue. OF course the NS1000's will not rot your teeth out, but the material is present, Yamaha does not ship them and it would be up to you to find a sutible way to obtain them. I would guess total cost to be close to 5600 dollars per pair.

    Given the fact they are shipped as "electronic equipment" they would certainly be checked and possably confiscated. I just have not tried it.

    An indivigual may could do it. I do have some friends in Tokyo that could look into this but then again, look at the used stash out there.

    I certainly would love to have another pair but timing is everything.
  20. cjenrick

    cjenrick Active Member

    millionValve, don't feel bad. I got snipped on my bid for some NS1000's with about 5 seconds to go. Happens all the time on ebay. To make matters worse, my bid was for only about $564 and the guy was a few miles away so I could have saved the $200 shipping charge! ouch! After you lose , you have to use the sour grapes approach to therapy: oh well, the wolfer probably scraped, and the tweeters were probably fried, they were probably stolen, a better pair for cheaper will come around soon, NS 10's probably would have matched up with my power amp better, etc...

    This computer geek I work with says that professional ebayer's have a special computer or program that they use just for ebay. It allows them to win easier, I don't know how it works, maybe they can see your max bid or something, and it might have quicker access, or it might counteract every higher bid automatically or something.

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