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Ntrack and mixer routing help!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by jwgeetar, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. jwgeetar

    jwgeetar Guest

    hey all, new to the boards....

    i have been a N-track user for 3 or 4 years now and i will not mess with it for months at a time out of frustration.

    i have a Berry MX802A mixer running into a Audiophile 24/96 card using the latest N-track 4.0. ok, i have the 2 track outs on the Berry mixer to my soundcard in's! (left to left,right to right)

    also have the 2 track in's on the mixer patched from the sound card outs.

    i play simple vocals/guitar to record. the vocal mic is on fader 1 and guitar on fader 2 of the Berry mixer. i can record BOTH PARTS on two mono N-track tracks. but i get no seperation for the guitar. i hear vocals on this track. BTW, the guitar is lined in to the Berry on fader 2--not mic'd!

    so, here is my question: How do i totally seperate the vocals and guitar? Pan?

    i know this is basic and dumb for most but not for me. i want a "definitive" way of separating tracks everytime i record. this is the way I used to normally record on my old 4-track cassette system.

    How do I totally separate these tracks?

    thanks again---jw
  2. JonLewis

    JonLewis Guest

    Yes, panning is the answer. Pan one channel, say the vocals, hard right, and the other, the guitar, hard left (on your mixer, not n-track). Also, make sure that the input in N-track is configured for two seperate mono inputs, not a stereo input or a single mono input. Then, of corse, select input one (L) as the source on a fresh track (vocal), and input two (R) as the source for another new track (guitar).

    Good luck,

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