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Nuendo3 and Yamaha 01V

Discussion in 'Nuendo' started by FMPROSOUND, May 14, 2006.



    Thanks for your to my previous topic regarding the sound card

    I am runing nuendo3 and yamaha 01v digital mixer for my studio. Both connected using WaveCenter/PCI Card for the PC and Yamaha MY8-AT Card installed to the mixer. I've loaded some wave to Nuendo and I can use the Yamaha 01v with no problem, but the real problem is that I can't get the audio transfer from Yamaha 01v to nuendo.
    I've got music and beats on my MPC4000 and Keyboard both connected to my Mixer. that I need to send to the PC via Yamaha 01V to process hem through nuendo but it seems not to work

    My second help question is how do I connect all the gears together, Here's the list of the hardware that i curremtly have:

    *Triton Rack
    *Peavey compressor
    *Motu midi-timepiece (USB not included. It comes with serial port cable type)
    *Roland 24-Bit reverb Effect processor
    *Roland GS-6 Guitar Sound System
    *Lexicon MX200 effect processor
    *2 31 Band graphic EQ
    *61 Key Keyboard
    *MPC 4000
    *Mic Pre
    *DVD and CD Recorder


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