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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by audiokid, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff


    I'm looking at future monitors for my studio. Focal, twin6 be and Neumann O 500 C - Digital Active Main Monitor. I'm guessing not many here have had the opportunity to hear these in action, but if you have, I would love to read anything about them. My dream is to have a pair of these in my studio. I can't imagine much finer. I can only imagine how well my mixes would turn out and what a total pleasure it would be.

    If you claim to be mastering engineers using budget monitors in a poor acoustically treated room with nothing more than $200 plug-ins, take a glance at these, read what these do and then rethink your next $10 mix.

    Georg Neumann GmbH - Professional Monitoring
  2. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Pure erotic, eargasm...lol... The O500 C is, what I'd call a fine piece of German Engineering.
    Enourmes power, enough pressure at 123 dB SPL and excellent specs (and prolly not cheap, I fear).
    With those you can always hear and discern what is wrong with a mix.
    Just a pitty that they can't tell the engineer how to fix it, but they sure make that easier, as well.

    I want a pair, too..
  3. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Well-Known Member

    Here is the good news and the bad...

    They are available but Neumann O 500 C | Studio Economik, Canada is the price.

    Not something I would be able to purchase without a lot of listening and teeth gnashing.
  4. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    But, ... the power cord is included...
  5. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I want these so bad. Stellar German Engineering. Kudo's

    You think the price on those is for one or the pair?
  6. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Well, Chris, the price of pair O410s is roughly 9000 US$, here.
    So, I guess and hope, it is the price for a pair. I am sure it will drop a bit when it hits the shops all over the world.
    And you must haggle for a better rate, anyway. With that kind of money the shops should be happy to give you a few percents off, before you don't buy from them, at all.
  7. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Yup, I'm not messing around no more. I want these so much and deserve them after 35 years. I have a good reason lol. Please channel 0 500 to me.
  8. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Tell them, to send them forthwith and for half the price.
    Tell them, I said so...LOL..


    View attachment 5234

    What beauty!!
    And they even have a remote control....
  9. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    All day I've been dreaming. Look at the back:

  10. Michael Fossenkemper

    Michael Fossenkemper Distinguished past mastering moderator Well-Known Member

    I would like to hears these. In this price range, a lot of great monitors to compete with. I played with the focals a few times. The one thing I like about them is the midrange. JMLabs broke off a pro division, Focal, So they use a lot of the same components. Probably the best monitors I've ever heard were the JMLabs Grand Utopias. I think they go for about $200K with the rare Brazilian wood.

    The built in amp on these things is what turns me off a little. Choosing an amp was one of the things that allowed me to fine tune my monitors. but I guess there's no way around it with the digital crossovers.
  11. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    200 k wow, need a lot of tracks going through to pay for those. Hardly think the business would ever warrant that investment anymore. I bet they're beyond imagining Michael until you actually hear them in person. Probably teaches you something just hearing them?

    I've never owned active high end monitors, only active high end PA systems. Its a new journey for me. I love the idea of self powered , I have the Dangerous Monitor so less amps around my clean horseshoe layout make me happy/ appealing. You'd expect the the amps and electronics in these would be very well designed and extremely matched, yes?

    Ooo, I do like . I'll do a search on the others you mentioned, thanks!
  12. bastiano

    bastiano Active Member


    sono lieto di segnalare questa mia installazione a Orvieto (Italy)
    dove ho usato n° 7 monitor K+H 3xO500C + 2xO9O0 + 4x O300 (Power A. KPA 2290)

    Hello everyone
    My name is Julian (bastiano) and work in the audio-video pro.
    I'm Italian and work in the audio-video pro.
    I saw that here was discussed Monitor Klein Hummel

    I am pleased to report that my installation in Orvieto > Rome (Italy)
    where I used the beautiful O500C + O00 + Ø300)

    Giuliano Bastianello

    (CANADA HiFi Magazine: The Home Theatre, Home Theater, Audio, Video and Gadget Guide)
    Sala Eufonica | Stereophile.com

    Greetings to all and congratulations to the forum

  13. Michael Fossenkemper

    Michael Fossenkemper Distinguished past mastering moderator Well-Known Member

    that's some room setup. Is this a working room or a demonstration room for the speakers?
  14. bastiano

    bastiano Active Member


    I beg your pardon for my bad English
    Hall Euphony is not demonstrative of K + H speakers
    were chosen by me after hearing them in the control room of the state Disco
    and evaluated for their excellent price / performance ratio that I have not found in other systems.

    The function of the Hall Euphony is to provide library users the opportunity to play in the best possible audio and audio video (DVD and BD).

    Use is restricted to free members of the library

  15. Michael Fossenkemper

    Michael Fossenkemper Distinguished past mastering moderator Well-Known Member

    That's pretty impressive for a library setup. All it needs now is a popcorn maker and i'd stay there all day.

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