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ok not sure this is the right place and im kind of new...

Discussion in 'Recording' started by shortman1984, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. shortman1984

    shortman1984 Guest

    Ok i have an Alesis iO|14 i bought a couple months ago cuz i was just playing around with recording and stuff.. and didnt want to spend a lot of money...so anyways...i just ordered a Firestudio and my alesis interface has adat in. So i was wondering can i hook my firestudio up to the alesis to add the additional 8 channels ? well untill i get more money to spend on a Digimax fs?

    im not looking for really a professional recording studio..this is basically just to play around with stuff and do recording for my church and stuff.....if you wanna know i have a MacPro 2 2.6 ghz dual core processors 2 gig of ram and like 750 gb hard drive space.........which the mac pro is my personal computer....i was going to get a macbook for over there....anyways..will that work like i want it too? untill i get more equipment?

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